November 2, 2018

I'm always looking for a better way to organize my website. Recently I decided to place all the small works (about 11" X 14" or smaller) in their own gallery called "Small Wonders." I've included both paintings and fused glass in this gallery. The paintings include watercolor, acrylic, and mixed media. They range from realism and abstractions-of-reality to non-objective art. I hope you enjoy the variety of work.
Click on the photograph below to take a look at the Small Wonders. And remember my newsletter readers get a 10% discount. Contact me by replying to this email, if you are interested in a piece. I'll make sure you get the discount. Consider a gift of art. There is nothing like adding a spot of beauty in someone's life.
Click Image to See More Small Wonders
In case you are wondering about the snowy image in the header, we've had snow in and out of the forecast recently and it happened on Thursday. I was at a conference for the National Guild for Community Arts Educators held in Baltimore. The day started with snow and sleet. I met a participate from Portland Maine and she commented that she had never imagined her first day of snow would be in Baltimore, Maryland. I have to admit seeing the snowfall was quite beautiful but I was grateful it turned to rain before I had to drive home. This morning it was melted from the pavement at our home (which always seems to get a bit more accumulation of snow) so no major impact on our lives.

It did convince me I'm definitely not ready for the snow to "stick" yet. One thing the snow did was make me realize how close we are getting to the end of the year. 2018 has been flying by faster than I can believe. The United States celebration of Thanksgiving is next week and my Canadian friends celebrated last month. Truly a sign the holidays are right around the corner.

I give thanks to all my friends, family, collectors and students who follow me and my art. You bring me great joy.
Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving,
Photographs from the Grand Opening of HorseSpirit Arts Gallery from Ribbon Cutting to the End of the Reception
The November 10th Grand Opening was a great event, from the ribbon cutting to the Reception that evening. Here are a few images to give you sense of the celebrations. Thank you to those who attended the reception. It was nice to see so many of you who live in the area.
Left to Right: Howard County Communications Director, Robin Holliday (HorseSpirit owner), Max Crownover (HorseSpirit CTO), Nancy Lee Davis (HorseSpirit Artist)
HorseSpirit Art Gallery's new home in Historic Savage Mill
November at Chesapeake Art Center - Erase Hate Through Art, Curated by Grant Myers. My painting, Living Life , is on display. Reception on November 8, from 7 to 10 pm.
Chesapeake Arts Center
194 Hammonds Lane
Brooklyn Park, MD 21225
November 29, 2018 - January 2, 2019 Baltimore Watercolor Society Signature Artist Exhibition " Mini Master Pieces" will be held at Howard County Conservancy in the Nature Center, which is open from 9AM to 3PM on Monday through Saturday.
Howard County Conservancy
10520 Old Frederick Road
Woodstock, MD 21163  

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