July 29, 2020
Spring Hill United Church of Christ
Dear Ones:

What a week it’s been. By now you should all know that I submitted my resignation. I will be leaving Spring Hill United Church of Christ at the end of October.

Unfortunately, it has come to my attention that there are rumors circulating with all kinds of speculation about why I am leaving. The simple answer is because I believe it is time. I am not being forced out as some have suggested. It is not because I am having conflict about when to regather us in person. It is true, I do not agree with the timeline, but that is not the reason. It is mostly a personal one and the direction I feel God is calling me. Honestly, I am as surprised as some of you are. Some of you have expressed deep sadness. I am sad too, but I truly believe God is pointing me in another direction. 

Some ministers are called to stay in one church for the entire length of their ministries. Some are called to stay for half. Most are called for five to seven years. I will be about a half year shy of five years when I go.

As I stated in my letter of resignation, being your pastor has been a joy and a privilege. I still have three months to be with you. My focus will be on being fully present with you all for the duration of that time.

I will be available by phone, Zoom, or driveway if you want to chat. Please reach out. In the meantime, I will be reaching out to as many of you as I can.

Remember, God loves you always and so do I.
Pastor Robin
The worship service for this coming Sunday will be uploaded to our YouTube page. The Worship bulletin, music and YouTube link will be sent to you on Friday. This Sunday is Communion Sunday, so please have communion elements with you when you watch the service.
Last weekend's worship service with
Reverend Robin DeAngelis
Thank You to Sherrie Thurkins for providing the beautiful music.
Hello to Everyone,

I’m finally getting back to normal and have been doing so much sleeping. I must need it.

I have thought of you all ever since I came home from the hospital and couldn’t quite get to the computer to fulfill my thoughts. This has been kind of rough, but your cards, prayers and well wishes have seen me through. I was amazed at all the cards I received and what a caring congregation you are. It means so much. I must have about 35 cards. 

Thanks so much for the shawl and I have been wrapping myself up in it every time I take a nap which is often. 

I have very little pain but I’m very weak and this will take some time. 

I miss you all and hope we can get back together sometime soon but it doesn’t look too promising.  

My daughter has been here with me and taking good care of me. My other daughter will be here next month.

God Bless you All!
Annabelle Gibson
Hi Folks:

We hope that all of you are well and virus free.  We are as well as can be and our virus tests came back negative. Thank God everyone at our Assisted Living Home tested negative. The management here has us on strict lock down, but the end results are beneficial. Considering how the rest of the hot spots including Texas, Florida, and Arizona are doing, I am not complaining .

W e have managed to get a sales contract on our house in Homosassa. Closing schedule in August. Keep your fingers crossed.

We do get out to the interior courtyard to get some fresh air once in a while, but lately, it’s been too hot to enjoy for long periods.  We were going to the dining room for meals, but that has changed and they are bringing meals to our apartment to keep distancing in effect.  Which means we don’t get to interact with other folks much. And yes, we wear masks whenever we are out of the apartment. Now that we have tested negative, maybe that will change.  But, that is life in this disaster we call America. Actually, it was a disaster before the virus epidemic started.  Will we ever recover from this insanity?   Ah well…..keep the faith and stay well.   Love for one another and our faith will get us through these dark days.

Al (& LaRetta) Thompson
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Connecting with Pastor Robin and others
during this Pandemic:

Every Wednesday at 3:30 pm
Pastor Robin will go Live on Facebook with a brief message.
All you need do for this is go to our church Facebook page at 3:30 pm and you will see me.
  • Every Wednesday afternoon at 4:30 pm - you can join in on an informal Zoom gathering. This is your opportunity to join in discussion and see your church family. This runs for about an hour.
  • On the 4th Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm - Book Study - the book for July is “God Can’t” by Thomas Jay Oord
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If you need further clarification, please give me a call. I would to love to hear from you. 
Marty Daly
Thank you all so much for your generous giving to the Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry. Your generosity is greatly appreciated and we hope you will continue to give.

The food pantry dates of operation are the first and third Saturday of each month. The next date of operation will be Saturday, August 1st from 9:00 am - 12:00 noon, for drop off AND pick up.

Chance, Enrique,
Lisa, Gale,
Cindy, and Alice
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7/30 - Cleofe Forrey
7/30 - Tom Harris
7/30 - Michelle Roseland
7/31 - Cindy McElroy
8/17 - Dan & Jewel Horn
8/18 - Mike & Mimi Dearolf
8/20 - Lamar & Cindy Sprouse
8/24 - Bob & Rosie Barnsdale
8/27 - Elaine & John Sammon
8/30 - Walt & Marilyn Wiwczar
8/31 - Tom & Patti DiGregorio
8/3 - Trish Phillips
8/6 - Thurza Frost
8/7 - Christina Haggerty
8/11 - Carolyn Allion
8/13 - Judith Dascenzo
8/14 - Dale Allion
8/20 - Janet Gordon
8/21 - Robin DeAngelis
8/22 - Sandra Roberge
8/24 - Annabelle Gibson
8/24 - Patty Villegas
8/29 - Lorraine Boylan
8/29 - Gloria Bulau
8/31 - Tanya Cattouse
8/31 - Lamar Sprouse
Please remember to say Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary to the above. If I have missed anyone, please let the office know.
PLEASE PRAY FOR....... Sherrie Raymond, Scott Harris, David Pulliam, Cindy McElroy, Gail & Tom Calabro, Becky Bock, Myrtle Helfers, Mike Quinn,
Nancy McKenney, Ann Miller, Virginia Tooker,
Connie LaMorte, Eric Wolf, Loree Rose,
Carrie Haggerty, John Haring, Tristan,
Karen Emerson, Marcia, Aida and Patty.
Local hospitals are in need of face masks. Lawannah Strongbear is a hospital volunteer and is reaching out to the sewers in our community. Lawannah is willing to buy the supplies needed. The pattern for the masks can be ordered off the internet or can be purchased at Joanne's. If you need more information, please contact Lawannah directly at 417-545-1033, or email her at lawannahstrongbear@gmail.com . She is also willing to come by and pick them up. Thank you!

The Social Justice and Community Outreach Ministry encourages you to register to vote by mail. During these uncertain times, t’s a safe way to vote in upcoming elections. It’s very easy to register, and you can register anytime. Here’s what to do:

  • Go to the website for Hernando County Supervisor of Elections
  • Click “Vote by Mail”
  • Click “Request Vote-by-Mail” Ballot
  • You will be be asked to fill out some basic information they need to find your registration (e.g. name, address, date of birth)
  • Select if you want a ballot for one or all upcoming elections.
  • Click “Submit” when done. 

The primary election is August 18, 2020 and
the general election is November 3, 2020
No Matter who you are, or where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here. JESUS didn't reject people, neither do we.
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