March 24, 2021
Spring Hill United Church of Christ
Dear SHUCC Family,

I hope that this email finds you all healthy. I miss all of you and I think of you often. You have all been a huge part of my spiritual journey and there will always be a special place in my heart for you. I thought I would take a moment to give my church family an update in how things have been going for me since my internship started in January.

My internship at Good Samaritan Church in Pinellas Park has been an amazing experience and I have had some wonderful opportunities to serve the good people there. They are not yet meeting in person, so everything at this point is done virtually, which I must say, allows me more opportunities to participate in various meetings and events without making a long commute. I attend as many of the ministry team meetings as possible and I am getting all sorts of ideas that I will carry with me into my next ministry setting. I am now the leader of the Spiritual Formation Ministry team and we are tasked with planning the worship services, adult education, and facilitating the technology that is needed to record our services each week. I preached my first sermon there a couple of weeks ago and it was well received. Pastor Jen assembled a small committee of people who met with me a couple of days later and provided me with feedback from my sermon. That constructive feedback was very helpful in helping me understand what folks thought I did well and areas of improvement for the future. The congregation also has several “pop-up” events each month, some of a spiritual nature and others that are purely for fun, like Bingo and Trivia via Zoom. I also make pastoral calls to a list of members and it is wonderful to talk and pray with them on the phone, I honestly don’t know who benefits from these calls more, me or them. I always feel better after talking with each of them.
Seminary is going great as well. I have four classes this semester, which is a really full load, but you know me…I wouldn’t know how to act if I were not busy. I am taking both Hebrew Bible and New Testament I this semester and I am learning so much in both of them. The professors are great and the friendships that have developed with my fellow classmates will stay with me the rest of my life. Probably the most fascinating class for me this semester is my Art and Theology class. It is amazing to see how art and theology are so connected, and how art can be used to expand our theological understanding. For someone like me (who can barely draw a straight line) this class was a little intimidating at first, however, it is quickly becoming one of my favorites. The fourth class that I have this semester is my internship class and I am in this class with three other folks who are doing their congregational internships this semester and it is great to share our stories with each other. For the past year I have served on the Student Leadership Collective and the Seminary Council at UTS and my term ends in May. That has been a wonderful experience for me, and it provided a way for me to give back to the seminary.

Enrique and I are still both active in the Florida Conference. He still serves on the Finance Committee and I am now on the Personnel Committee. I have also been asked to represent the Florida Conference at this year’s UCC General Synod, and I consider this to be an honor. I also just recently finished providing pulpit supply at Chapel on the Hill UCC in Seminole, which I had been doing monthly for several months. It was a great experience, and I am glad that they are now able to take the next step in their own ministry.
Thank you all for your prayers and support, keep them both coming as my seminary journey continues. Please know that you are all in my heart, thoughts, and prayers daily. I don’t think that I would be where I am today had it not been for all of you.
Chance Martinez-Colon (Philippians 1:3)
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The Pastoral Relations Committee (PRC) serves as an unbiased liaison between the pastor and the congregation.
The PRC is a small standing committee within that works to support and maintain an open and healthy relationship between the pastor and the congregation. This committee advocates both for the pastor and for the members of a congregation. Defining areas of potential conflict between the pastor’s ministerial goals and those of the congregation and building a framework in which conflict can be dealt with openly and honestly creates a climate in which the spiritual life and effectiveness of the church’s mission are enhanced.
Individual members of a congregation may have differing expectations of a pastor. A dynamic sermon each week, regular visitation, an active role in stewardship, an avoidance of the topic of money, an emphasis on evangelism or a focus on addressing social issues are examples of priorities that may vary greatly among the members of a congregation. Helping the congregation to have reasonable expectations of the pastor and helping the pastor to understand the priorities of the congregants are essential functions performed by the Pastoral Relations Committee.
For personal well-being and effectiveness, the pastor also requires a means of sharing matters regarding the church that may be troubling to the pastor. By meeting regularly with the pastor and providing a setting that invites and nurtures openness, the PRC demonstrates concern for the pastor’s total being in ministry and communicates genuine acceptance and care for the person who has been called “to equip the saints of the church.”
The Pastoral Relations Committee of the Spring Hill United Church of Christ wants to be sure that members of our congregation know who we are and how we can be reached.
Members are:
 Helen D’Angelo – 352-277-3409
Beverly Stephens – 352-684-5982
David VanHorn – 352-650-2188
 Jerry Jones - 1(616)-302-5981 

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The food pantry is open on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month from 9:00 am - 11:00 am.
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