Behind every nonprofit’s public face is a dedicated team of volunteers: the board of directors. The time, energy and vision of these individuals is the driving force in a nonprofit’s ability to achieve its mission. Nonprofit boards of directors provide essential leadership and strategic direction to an organization. Predisan has a history of board members that go above and beyond to answer the call to duty. We want to highlight, Paula Garrett, a former board member who has served with Predisan for over fifteen year. Read below our interview with Paula regarding her time as a Predisan Board member.

How long have your served with Predisan? 

My first trip to Predisan was in early 2007, I joined as a Board member of Predisan.

What is your fondest memory of your time serving with Predisan?

I have many wonderful memories so it’s hard to choose. Beautiful memories of sharing worship, communion, meals, long drives on bumpy roads, laughs and dancing with Hondurans and Americans together. Memories of watching both Amanda and Doris in their element doing what they do best- negotiating, loving people fiercely, leading others and sharing their love for God. 

My first experience was definitely one I will not forget though. I went to Predisan with a medical group from Baylor. (My brother-in-law, Cliff Fullerton, volunteered me to go.) They all left for the mountains or the operating room so I met daily with the Finance and Administrative staff of Predisan. We were reviewing process and internal controls. They were a group of young, talented Honduran professionals. They taught me about Predisan, patiently answered with my questions, translated Spanish to English, and shared stories. As a result, we spent many hours laughing. I quickly grew to love these new friends! I was also able to roam around the Good Samaritan Clinic and see the people served by Predisan. The experience helped me to want to get to know Predisan more and be involved with the organization.

How has Predisan blessed your life?  

In so many, many ways. I have been blessed with so many beautiful relationships by being involved with Predisan. I could fill a page with the names of people that I have met through Predisan that have positively influenced my life and made my life richer as they have shared their love for Christ and others. We all had at least one thing in common- the desire to help others and our love for Christ. Relationships with Predisan staff in Honduras or the US and relationships with board members and volunteers have blessed my life tremendously.  

What would you say to the next generation of Predisan supporters regarding the organization?  

Get to know the people that are leading the organization as well as those the organization is serving. Take a long term approach in building relationships and spend time loving on others and let them love on you. I would also encourage them to listen and learn before making recommendations and changes.