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Happy Valentines Day
February, 2020

We resolve to be, do and feel better coming into the freshness of a New Year. How would you like to change and improve, and what is keeping you from your heart of hearts? I challenge you to approach your desires for yourself with the power of a mothers love. Think of the way you love and care for your children, your animals, or whatever else may stimulate your nurturing instincts. This tenderness toward yourself will inspire new possibilities to harness your greatest desires and become your best self. Let us help you in your journey to self-improvement with the Pilates!

(P)so-as: To more deeply understand the role of the psoas

Sunday, March 1, 2020
9am - 4pm
The Pilates and Yoga Company
1601 Pelican Lakes Point
Windsor, CO 80550
6 CEU's from Pilates Method Alliance

Join us for a day filled with deep exploration of the ilio-psoas muscle. We'll explore Pilates-based mat and reformer movement, imagery, and so much more as it relates to this fascinating and vital muscle in our body. 

For more information and to register 
visit  www.movementconnectsus.com > Book Online > Workshops

Carrie A Lamb, PT, DPT, OCS   
NCPT, CoreAlign®Master Instructor

Ann Crammond, BS, MS
NCPT, Franklin Method Educator Level 3
Join Deidre Hand on Wednesday evenings from 6-7pm for Tai Chi Qi Gong!

"In every movement, every part of the body must be light and agile and strung together. The postures should be without breaks. Motion should be rooted in the feet, released through the legs, directed by the waist and expressed by the fingers. Substantial and insubstantial movements must be clearly differentiated."

-Zhang Sanfeng
Welcome Kristin Dennis!!!

Kristin will be teaching our Aerial class
Saturday morning at 7:30am
and will take over the outdoor aerial programming this Summer!
11am Pilates Equipment with Maila Rider

5pm Pilates Equipment with Maila Rider

6pm Tai Chi Qi Gong with Deidre Hand

11am Building Bones and Balance with Sarah Blanton

7:30am Aerial Yoga with Kristen Dennis (limited space)

Redefining fitness and function!

CoreAlign is part cardio, part strength, part mind-body and totally unique. Most exercises are done standing, leading to rapid improvements in posture and balance.

All of our Core-Align classes are be entry level and no longer require basic class!

The Pilates Yoga Company
1601 Pelican Lakes Point
Windsor, CO 80550