The Pursuit of Professional Excellence
Dear Kemah Residents,
Thank you for all of the love and support you have shown to the Kemah Police Department!

My name is Chief Holland Jones, and I am Chief of Police of the Kemah Police Department.

The Kemah Police Department is a reliable and trusted law enforcement agency in Kemah, Texas. Our mission is to promote public safety, maintain professional integrity, and ensure the protection, health, welfare, and safety of our community.

We are proud to invite you to visit our new police website:

Our new police website allows you to view our Monthly Activity Reports, request a Senior Welfare Check, engage with our Geospatial Reports, sign up for a Vacation Watch, enroll in our Camera Registry Program, and subscribe to Patrol Alerts.

You can also visit our new police website to read our Press Releases, check out my Biography, file a Compliment or Complaint, access our Police and Intern Applications, and browse our upcoming Newsletter.
Once again, thank you for your support and engagement!

Please visit our new police website to learn more about all of the other services and programs we offer, and feel free to contact me at for more information at any time.

Chief Holland Jones JD., Ph.D.
Leadership Command College (LCC) Class #76
City of Kemah Police Department

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At the Kemah Police Department, we strive daily to provide a safe and conducive environment for our residents and visitors.

We pride ourselves on being forward-thinking, innovative, and inclusive.

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