Chill Out
With Samsung's -40° Low Ambient Cooling System
Ideal for computer, machine or elevator rooms and other commercial applications, this cooling-only system is equipped with Emergency
Temperature Output (ETO) settings that can alert a backup system or building maintenance of errors or high room temperatures.
  • High-Performance: Uses a twin rotary BLDC compressor with highly
    stable moving parts, resulting in reduced torque variation 
  • Total Control: Operate your unit from almost anywhere at any time with
    the SmartThings app.
  • Snow Accumulation Prevention: Fans will operate every 30 minutes on idle outdoor units once the temperature is below 41°F to prevent snow buildup.
  • Easy Service: Stores data on a removable EEPROM chip at main PCB
Want a kick-ass, competitive way to keep things cool -
think of us (not those Liebert style units)! 
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And if you want to heat things up instead...
T he DVM S Max Heat® is the ideal solution for the coolest of colds. Samsung is the only manufacturer that provides 100% heating performance at -13°F (-25°C). The DVM S Max Heat® comes in six and eight-ton single modules available in Heat Pump and Heat Recovery. You can connect up to three units for system capacities up to 24 tons.
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Others try to compare but they just don't come close!
Don't get left in the cold with another manufacturer that can't bring the heat. 

You can get heating and cooling simultaneously, up to 250 tons, with the WaterFurnace Reversible Chiller. And it fits right in your building space without needing to cut a hole in the building!
The WaterFurnace Modular Scroll Chiller
  • Allows multiple units to be staged together
  • Features advanced controls and quality components for efficient operation
  • Has a modular design that allows the units to be installed on an
    as-needed basis  
Need more chill? Stay tuned next month for our larger mixed modular chillers!
For information on 20-80 ton  WaterFurnace WC Modular Scroll Chiller: click here.
 For information on 10-50 ton WaterFurnace  Envision² NXW Reversible
Modular Chiller: click here.
For more information,  please contact Jerry Cohen or visit our website.
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