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Angel and Bear_ Anno 2002
Angel and Bear Anno 2002
Byers Choice Wooden Advent Calendar
Jahresnikolaus 2013 Christmas Pewter Wilhelm Schweizer
Christian Ulbricht WOODEN
'Letter Case'
A Christmas wonderland of beautiful Wilhelm Schweizer Christmas Pewter awaits you.
Schweizer Pewter is made in Diessen am Ammersee, a little town southwest of Munich.

A family owned firm for over 200 years, the pewter we present to you is made precisely as it was from the beginning and the workmanship is superb. 

Each and every pewter piece is cast in two pieces of slate and hand carved in negative relief.  
Here's an example of our broad selection of Fairy Tale Pewter. Please click the links for further information

Dieter H. Rausch
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