Weekly Sunday worship begins this Sunday Nov. 8, 2015 at 5 pm followed by a 6
pm soup dinner and pot luck. Soup and drinks will be provided and everyone is welcome. We will create beloved community in person as well as on Skype and hope people down the street here in Rancho Penasquitos, San Diego and from around the world will join us. Centering prayer, Tazie and other chanting, Gnostic gospels including the Gospel of Mary Magdalene and the Gospel of Thomas, along side Bible study and a bon fire for star gazing after worship!
Contact Rev. Bonnie with any questions, (858) 248-5123, revtarwater@yahoo.com
Book Group is beginning Nov. 9th Monday, 7-8:30 pm
The Meaning of Mary Magdalene, by Cynthia Bourgeault, in person or on Skype.
"....Cynthia Bourgeault examines the Bible, church tradition, art, legend, and newly discovered texts to see what's there. She then applies her own reasoning and intuition, informed by the wisdom of the ages-old Christian contemplative tradition. What emerges is a radical view of Mary Magdalene as Jesus's most important disciple, the one he considered to understand his teaching best. That teaching was characterized by a nondualist approach to the world and by a deep understanding of the value of the feminine. Cynthia shows how an understanding of Mary Magdalene can revitalize contemporary Christianity, how Christians and others can, through her, find their way to Jesus's original teachings and apply them to their modern lives." Quote from Amazon.com
We celebrated Dia de los Muertos Nov. 1st and shared about our loved ones who died and created a beautiful altar.
 Jesus and Mary Magdalene's love for one another is the heart of the transformational spiritual path of Christianity. Their love is being resurrected now almost 2,000 years after Mary Magdalene was written out of the Christian story and suffered a character assassination. Newly discovered gospels including the Gospel of Mary Magdalene and the Gospel of Thomas, teach about the inner journey that too often has been left out of patriarchal religions. Like the fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty, Mary and the divine feminine has been awakened at this historic time. She embodies eco-feminism as she invites us to anoint and bridge all that has been separate; male and female , head and heart, matter and spirit, heaven and earth, life and death, etc. Like the early church we meet  in a home and will always enjoy a meal together as we study the radical teachings of Jesus and Mary Magdalene about inner spiritual transformation. Together we will explore social activism in the spirit of Walter Wink and Jesus' Third Way. We honor the symbolic  invisible and imaginal realms of spirit and honor the healing mystical traditions of Christianity. We do this in order to become more loving and empowered as we also connect to the Christian prophetic tradition desperately needed in our time of world ecologic crisis, following in the footsteps of Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Dorothy Day and the Liberation Theological Movement.
We are reaching out to people around the world, by offering our programs on Skype, Webinars and with the new Church of Mary Magdalene Radio Show. The human family has never needed the breadth and depth of religion more and we dedicate ourselves to loving God, our human and non human neighbors, including Gaia our home, the earth, the infinitely awesome cosmos and all life forms as mammoth as galaxies and as tiny as life in the subatomic level, as well as our enemies as Jesus taught.


Thursday Dream Group 7-9 pm in person and on Skype, bonnie.tarwater.  We honor and interact with dreams, characters and symbols as sacred alive gifts from God.

Christmas Eve worship service 5 pm Dec. 24th Thursday followed by pot luck Christmas dinner.
Mother Milk and Moon Cookies by Rev. Bonnie Tarwater, a three act galactic goddess musical adventure looking for money and a place to be produced in 2016.
May 7, 2016 save the date! Bonnie is the co-chair of the new San Diego Regional IASD and Dr. Steve Azinstate is the keynote for their first event.
For Our Common Home, edited by Dr. John B. Cobb Jr.with a chapter by Bonnie. For sale, $25.
Dog Chapel and Snake Labyrinth open. Check web site for details.  
We need  you! Please volunteer! Please call Bonnie if you have a few hours and you would like to help create the Church of Mary Magdalene. Come help make soup, help us create our non-profit status, be a part of visioning meetings, newsletters, making giant rod puppets for dances, cooking, gardening, computer work etc.
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