April 2018

Scientists elevated conclusions from "some evidence to "clear evidence" that the cell phone radiation exposure caused cancers in rats of the $25M U.S. government study.  Read Press Release  
Danish Parliament Hearings on Wireless Health Risks include Dr. Hardell, Dr. Johansson and Experts. 
"Can your cellphone cause cancer? Scientists find definitive link in study of rats."
The News & Observer News Journal reported on the "clear evidence" conclusions of the National Toxicology Program peer review. This publication was picked up worldwide.  Read Report  
The Nation Publishes Expose on "How Big Wireless Made Us Think That Cell Phones Are Safe"  
Investigative journalists Mark Hertsgaard and Mark Dowie document the "disinformation campaign-and massive radiation increase-behind the 5G rollout" in this front page report.  

"Big Tobacco lied about cigarettes. Is Big Wireless lying about cell phones?" 
Listen to the NPR's WBUR radio with Jane Clayson of On Point covering the  cancer-cell phone connection interviewing The Nations' Mark Hertsgaard and Jerry Phillips biochemist  at the University of Colorado.

The NIEHS Peer Reviewers Upgraded Seven Cancer Conclusions in the NTP Study
"I have more questions than answers, but the heart is clearly sending a signal in the rat studies, between the levels of cardiomyopathy [heart disease] and malignant tumors," said scientist Rick Adler in this MN report that explores historical controls and the non linear effects in the NTP study.  
"These results suggest that exposure to RFR has the potential to induce measurable DNA damage ..." states the National Toxicology Program Scientists. 
"DNA damage was significantly increased in the frontal cortex of male mice, peripheral leukocytes of female mice, and hippocampus of male rats ..." See the full official presentation by National Institutes of Environmental Health Sciences NTP on the DNA damage found in the NTP study. 

"New Studies Link Cell Phone Radiation with Cancer"  
Charles Schmidt of Scientific American publishes article on the cancer increases found in both the National Toxicology Program and Ramazzini animal studies of cellular radiation.   Learn more
Maryland State Pre-emption Bill is Halted After Citizens Raise Health Concerns About 5G
Dr. Fiorella Belpoggi of the Ramazzini Institute is interviewed in this headline news story from Maryland.  The 5G small cell legislation would have allowed cellular antennas in neighborhoods.

"Does 5G pose a public health danger or not?" 
Two new papers have been published on the public health and environmental implications of 5G technology. 


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