You wouldn't expect it, but the world's best sprint coach (and 2018 Nike Coach of the Year) revealed that the key to unlocking world class speed in the 100 meters is so simple, you can do it with an old fashioned calculator.
(I promise you- it's not what you think)
Who is the world's top speed coach? We think it's Caryl Smith Gilbert, Head Coach at USC in Los Angeles, CA.
Caryl guided sprint phenom, Andre De Grasse, to two NCAA sprint titles. He won the 100 meters in 9.75...and came back just 45 minutes later to win the 200 meters in a blistering 19.58!
At  World Speed Summit , the world's largest FREE online speed training event, Caryl reveals exactly how she planned Andre's unprecedented double.
Caryl is usually too busy making her athletes fast to share her advanced techniques with other coaches and athletes- but in this WSS training session she goes into incredible detail and shares cutting edge approaches that have quickly made her a household name in the speed world.
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