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This month we're traveling to Scotland for the SPIE Astronomical Telescopes + Instrumentation conference June 26 - July 1. We will bring a  working demo of our Cobra fiber positioner, which is  available now for use in fiber spectrometer programs and other applications.   Meanwhile, you can learn all about our Cobra positioner t echnology and manufacturing capabilities below .  

Cobra Fiber Positioner in Full-Scale Production
PHOTO - Cobra fiber positioner manufacturing
In May 2016 New Scale demonstrated full production capacity - 200 per month - of Cobra fiber positioners for the Subaru Telescope Prime Focus Spectrograph (PFS). 

This important production milestone was reached after eight years of research and development, resulting in a u niqu e and patented piezoelectric motor technology with 10V operating voltage, lifetime > 400K cycles, and p atented drive electronics sufficiently small and low power to be integrated in the close-packed Cobra arrays.

For manufacturing, we have developed a global supply chain, a ssembly tools and fixtures, repeatable manufacturing processes, q uality assurance and 100% in-line testing methods, and a h ighly trained and experienced production staff. 

New Scale plans to deliver a total of 2,550 Cobra positioners to the California Institute of Technology by June 2017. We're  proud to be part of the PFS team and contribute to this program's goals to better understand the nature of the universe. 

Having demonstrated our  unique competencies in technology development combined with large-scale micro mechatronic manufacturing, we expect to contribute these skills to other fiber spectrometer programs in the near future.

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Video: Cobra Production
VIDEO cobra fiber positioner manufacturing
Take a video tour of our Cobra fiber positioner manufacturing facility near Rochester, NY.   Watch the video (2:00)
Video: The Cobra Positioner in Action
VIDEO cobra in action
See the Cobra fiber positioner in operation, along with an animation showing how it achieves full coverage of an 9.5 mm diameter fiber patrol area with an actuator spacing of 8 mm in an array.   Watch the video (2:52)
Meet us at SPIE Astromonical Telescopes + Instrumentation
June 26 - July 1, 2016
Edinburgh, United Kingdom

New Scale CEO David Henderson will be attending the conference but not exhibiting.  Please call or email if you would like to meet in Edinburgh and see a demonstration of the Cobra fiber positioner.
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