To our Colorado theatre makers and those wishing to produce theatre with Colorado workers:

We wanted to share a new policy being implemented by the Colorado Theatre Guild.
Starting January 1, 2022, all responsible parties wanting to post audition notices will be required to indicate if your company uses the Community Standards for Theatre for Colorado, a set of standards created elsewhere but being implemented in Colorado, or if you are not currently using safety standards before postings are approved. This applies to anyone posting audition notices through our website and through our Facebook community group.

One of the major components of Colorado Theatre Guild’s work is to advocate for our community members. This action ensures that general best practices are known to theatre practitioners, that safety is prioritized during the production process, and that all can be protected and respected. Everyone has different levels of experiences and training, so the Community Standards for Theatre can fill in gaps of knowledge and acknowledge the experiences of all. 
A copy of the Community Standards for Theatre is available through the Colorado Theatre Guild website. You can find the Community Standards for Theatre here: 

The information below will give added context about this decision:
The Community Standards for Theatre (CST) document is usable for any theatre-making entity. This includes community theatre organizations, educational programs and institutions, individual theatre producers, and more. The CST is also for use by designers, crew members, actors, theatre organization staff/board members, and guardians of young people under the age of 18. The following is taken from the CST document, “The Community Standards for Theatre is a voluntary tool for self-governance that seeks to nurture communication, safety, respect, and accountability of participants at all levels of theatrical production.” It is a document meant to guide theatre practitioners through their theatre making processes here in Colorado and elsewhere. 

This ever-evolving document is usable for the Colorado theatre community, theatre practitioners of all types, and others in the Rocky Mountain Region. This document was created by the Rocky Mountain Artists Safety Alliance (RMASA) in conjunction with Colorado-based theatre workers. The Colorado Theatre Guild serves as a producing partner with RMASA in relation to the continued evolution of this work. It is a resource that we’re happy to provide to you directly via our website.

For more information about how or why the document was created, please read John Moore’s article here:

If you have any questions or suggested input regarding the Community Standards for Theatre, contact the RMASA team via email at: