The Presbytery meetings are coming up!  Come on out to be encouraged and stirred up by what God is doing. Here is the schedule: 

Thursday, April 19 CFC Canton ,   7pm
Friday, April 20 7pm
Saturday, April 21   1pm
Saturday, April 21,  Special youth gathering with Pastor Jerry Tallo at CFC Potsdam6pm
Sunday, April 22 6pm
Monday, April 23 7pm
Tuesday, April 24   7pm
Wednesday, April 25,  RCF and GCF at    6:30pm

Sunday, April 22 we will gather for a special all church prayer meeting. There will not be any people scheduled to receive prayer. This will be a flexible time of ministry from the prophets. Come out for an exciting time of ministry!

We have put together a tentative schedule of who will be receiving prayer which night and in what order. Due to the nature of these prayer meetings, it's always subject to change so please keep that in mind! You can view the schedule for Canton, Madrid, and Potsdam  here!


There is an Apologetics Seminar on  Saturday, April 14, 10-3pm at CFC Potsdam. This Seminar is with the  Reasonable  Faith Chapter of St. Lawrence County led by Bob Dale, an Associate Pastor and former missionary to Muslims. Pastor Jamie Sinclair will also be speaking.

This seminar addresses topics such as:
-The creation account in Genesis.
- Four solid arguments for the existence of God based on accepted science and logic.
- How we can point to Jesus in an age of pluralism? Is there objective moral truth?
- If God exists and is good, why is there all the evil and suffering in the world?
- Powerful newly discovered evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The event is open to anyone but is targeted toward high-schoolers and up. 
The event is $5/person and a simple lunch will be provided.


Here is a snapshot of some upcoming church events.

April 6-8: BASICcon
April 9: Presbytery Prep meeting
April 12: Presbytery Prep meeting
April 14: Reasonable Faith Seminar
April 19-25: Prophetic Presbytery
May 4 & 5: CFA Play

If you have any questions, just reply to this email and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!


Anastasia Brown,
Christian Fellowship Center
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