On behalf of Comtrend I would like to wish our partners and customers a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah and a Wonderful Holiday season.  

Sadly, this holiday is anything but typical for us at Comtrend. A couple of weeks ago we lost a very special Comtrend family member and friend, Barret Holland. Barret’s passing left our company, his family and many in our industry in a state of shock and profound sadness. I personally met Barret a decade ago at our partner P&T and I was one of those that were extremely excited to have Barret join our organization - in 2016. 

Barret was as solid as they get. He personified everything we could want in an employee as he had the highest level of integrity, a vast knowledge of our industry and an un-ending energy. I will personally miss the way Barret took things seriously, but was able to turn around a rough conversation, situation or day, leaving us with a better message and outcome. As an individual, Barret was simply a GREAT guy, giving, charitable, caring and fun. He will forever be embedded in the DNA of our organization and his friendship will be sorely missed. The universe now has a void that can’t ever be truly filled.

Barret would not want the holiday to be a sad time for us each year. So, we will use the holiday as a calendar reminder to raise a glass to the life and impact of our missed friend, Barret Holland. 

On behalf of Comtrend, we wish you and your families the safest and happiest of holiday seasons.