It's not every day we get to introduce you to someone like Gary David, who has been intimately involved with the development of Continuum for more than 40 years. Gary David has studied Epistemics -- the science, art, nature, origin and scope of knowledge and learning -- since the 1960s. Epistemology is considered one of the main branches of philosophy, along with ethics, logic and metaphysics. When Gary met Emilie Conrad, he was passionately struck by the creative, aesthetic vision of Emilie’s approach to movement as a process of participating at the ‘silent’ level. It is no wonder that during their 20+ years together as partners in life, with her moving and his thinking – and his moving and her thinking, that their influence on each other’s work was profound.
During the last two weeks of Emilie's life, Gary spent quite a bit of time with her, giving her love and support during this important time of her life and passage. Sweet memories were remembered and created.
Gary says, “Her uniqueness and her work has been assimilated in me… She was an alien; it came from somewhere else, and she loaned herself to the greenness and the blueness of the Earth. Her vitality was unlike anyone else I've met… The vitality and the spontaneity that came through her was a learning process, for me, of what it means to live from the inside out.”
Next month, we are thrilled to share that Gary will be teaching a very special 4-part series of Online classes, The Art of Learning in Four Movements, and we hope you will join him!