"Coverage Quest" A Success!
Volume 14, No. 04
March 16, 2018
Thank you to everyone who made our 11th Annual HealthWatch Wisconsin Conference, "The HealthCare Coverage Quest: The Road To Reimbursements" a success!

We gathered energetic advocates, lawmakers, Democratic candidates for governor, medical professionals, and even a few students to discuss access to affordable health care and coverage for all people in Wisconsin! Here are a few highlights:
On our journey, we heard from care and coverage trailblazers:
"We have to do everything we can to increase the Medicaid reimbursement rate, and increase access to health care from birth to grave."   -Rep. Beth Meyers

"By expanding Medicaid, we could cover more and pay less. We could join the civilized world and every other Western democracy and provide everyone with access to health care."  -Rep. Chris Taylor
We heard from gubernatorial hopefuls:
"We can create the [healthcare] resources that we need in each and every community. The pieces of how to do this are already in place."  -Kathleen Vinehout

"We need to treat mental health and substance abuse as part of community treatment and not part of the criminal justice system."   -Kelda Roys

We honored individuals doing outstanding work in Advocacy, Outreach, and Media:
Advocate of the Year
Media Effort of the Year
Outreach Effort of the Year
Kathy Judd
Dane Co. Economic Support
Timothy Jost
Health Affairs Blog
Liz Hecht
Family Voices of WI
& Waisman Center-UCEDD
And collectively we found and gained insights from interactive sessions, a diverse group of guest speakers, and most importantly--from each other.

Attendees, watch your inbox!  You'll get an electronic evaluation form where you can share additional feedback on plenary sessions, workshops, and overall conference experience. We have also shared your questions that we didn't have time for with our legislative guests! We will share their answers in a future email or newsletter! In the meantime, peruse our  Photo Gallery  of conference highlights! We hope to see you all again at next year's conference!
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