October 25, 2017
Hello Friends:
As we welcome in cooler temperatures ( surely they are coming!) and shorter days, we have the opportunity to hunker in, slow down and get cozy. We invite you to enjoy the bounty of warm, colorful accessories available at Coyote Moon
to support this inward turning.

Infinity scarves, shown here in velvet, 

offer warmth, elegance and ease.  

Socks in every shape, including boot toppers for  stylish 
detail.  Many leg warmers available as well!

"We are living the fast life instead of the good life . We are rushing through life instead of relishing life. Our roadrunner, accelerated culture is taking over. Our time in the Western world is linear, and it is completely running us into the ground. Accelerated living does come at a cost...Everything worth cultivating takes time, and we should embrace the slowness...To slow down is to be dialed into awareness, intention, and introspection."
~from Latham Thomas,
Own Your Own Glow

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Thank you! 

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