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Emily and I were recently at a networking event chatting with fellow internet geeks and sipping some lovely vino. A guy introduced himself to me and proceeded to ask what I did for work (typical). When I told him that I owned a social media company, the first words out of his mouth were "Ohh, because NOBODY does that." After taking a moment to process that this little twerp was being sarcastic, I gathered that he also owned a social media company. Now, I've been thinking about this incident for a few weeks... something about its occurrence really steamed my corn, but I couldn't put my finger on why. Well, I think I know why... for starters, he was right. I hate it when sarcastic twerps are right.  But, there are a TON of people out there claiming to be social media experts. And yes, they are 'technically' our competition. But here is why I don't believe they are... We are really good at what we do.


Emily and I both have unique ways of viewing things and diverse educational backgrounds, with disciplines from English Literature to Graphic Design. Also, our combined experience in the industry gives us 7 years of social media marketing experience - that's about when all those other 'social gurus' were just entering high school. Amateurs. So when we work with you, you don't just get a Social Media Guru, you get two intelligent, motivated people working to ensure you have the most POLISHED. social media presence possible. 


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Emily Vickers
POLISHED. MEDIA MINUTE: Creativity and Postings
POLISHED. MEDIA MINUTE: Creativity and Postings

POLISHED. MEDIA MINUTE: Creativity and Postings - We constantly get asked what kind of content to put on a business social media page. In our Media Minute Alex explains how being creative is one of the best ways to gain attention and show your personality.
The #SocialScoop 
Never run out of social media content ideas again! The following list covers just about everything you could possibly post on social media. From personal, to business-related, to promotional posts, this list of 100 ideas will keep you inspired for a long time.

Are you struggling to find ideas for posts on Twitter, Facebook and Google+?

Do you need to come up with additional social media updates?

Even seasoned social media marketers can find it difficult to keep up with the demand for fresh content.

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Social media can be a major asset - but it can also be a waste of our time.
I talk with small-to-midsize businesses and organizations every week, and the number one thing I hear from them about why they're admittedly not doing enough on social media is because they just don't have the time. 

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