March 30, 2020
Cross Plains Area Chamber of Commerce
Words of (not quite) Wisdom
from the Executive Director

Hi Everyone!

Thank you!

Two weeks ago I celebrated my first anniversary with the Cross Plains Area Chamber of Commerce. It's hard to believe that it has already been a year since I took on the responsibilities of the Executive Director. I remember when I was interviewing; I saw a wonderful opportunity to share my experiences, learn (lots of learning) about Cross Plains and to collaborate with businesses and residents to continue to support and promote this wonderful community.

I never could have imagined that my one year anniversary would be spent reviewing the Governor's order to reduce the size of gatherings and the impact it was going to have on the businesses I strive to support. For me, both personally and professionally, I had planned to spend part of that day rejoicing in the progress I have made this last year. I was going to celebrate the small milestones that have given me a better understanding of this organization's purpose. However, instead of celebrating I was faced with a new job - trying to once again create a path for myself and this organization. The difference between this path and the one I began a year ago being that this one is completely uncharted... for all of us.

But I am not backing down. I am here fighting for our businesses and community; even those businesses that don't ask for the help. Why? Because when I took this position a year ago, I made a decision. A decision to not just be what our businesses and community had to come to expect of the Cross Plains Area Chamber of Commerce, but to be what they needed. That decision included the importance of being able to adapt, change, continue to push forward, and find new ways to be relevant, even in times of difficulty.

Although couple of weeks late, I am also taking time to celebrate. Even in challenging times, we deserve to celebrate the successes that brought us to this point. We NEED to remember that it's because of the past that we are able to successfully take on whatever the future holds. Of all the things I've learned this year, the one thing that stands out the most is #CrossPlainsStrong then, now, and always.

So as my one year anniversary passes, I want to say "Thank you". Thank you for accepting me. Thank you for allowing me to support your businesses. Thank you for welcoming me to join each of you on your journeys. And Thank you for your encouragement as we embark on this new adventure together. Cheers to another amazing year!

Be Safe & Healthy!

Kind Regards,

Terra Morris
Executive Director
Virtual One on One
The Cross Plains Area Chamber of Commerce is here for you.
Let's connect via phone or zoom.
Please use the sign up genius form to sign up for a virtual meeting with the CPACC Executive Director. We have lots to discuss, whether you are a business owner, employee, non-profit, club/organization, entrepreneur, etc.. Let's talk about staying relevant, available resources, bounce back and recovery plans, networking opportunities with other local businesses. We are here for you!
Let's have coffee and chat!
Virtual Networking
Would you like to have a Virtual Networking Event - during or after business hours? Social Distancing has limited our in person time together, but we don't have to let it distance our "face time". The Chamber is looking to put together a Thursday evening S.W.A.P. (Social With A Purpose) for our business community. A time and place where we can share ideas, concerns and of course victories.
Let us know if you would be interested in joining the Chamber for a Virtual Networking event!
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Help Promote your business and your community businesses by sharing this giveaway on your Facebook Page. If you haven't provided the Chamber with information about your business for our website, please send that as well so that winners have the opportunity to choose a gift card for your business!
Giveaway details

Distance Socially Support Locally with CPACC Giveaway!
The Cross Plains Area Chamber of Commerce is hosting a drawing for GIFT CARDS to your favorite Cross Plains Area Business* just for showing us that you are supporting a local business (or more). We know that this is a difficult time for not only our businesses but for our greater community as well. So, we are providing several different options for you to "show your support"
How to Enter:
Do one or more of the following
1) Make a purchase (product/food/service) from a Cross Plains Area Business
2) Write a Positive Review on Facebook, Google, or Yelp for a Cross Plains Area Business
3) Purchase a Gift Card from a Cross Plains Area Business
4) Support a Local Non-Profit from the Cross Plains Area
(if you have a question as to whether or not your entry qualifies, message CPACC on Facebook)
Take a picture of your receipt, your review, etc.. with date documented
Post your photo to the "Distance Socially Support Locally with CPACC" Event on the the Cross Plains Area Chamber of Commerce Facebook Page
INCLUDE the hashtag  #DistanceSociallySupportLocallyWithCPACC  with your post
You must post your photos between Friday March 27-April 10, 2020
There is no limit to the number of entries you post for the drawing, but each entry must be unique. Example: If you make two purchases at the Business A, each experience can be entered one (1) time. You CANNOT make one purchase at "Business A" and enter it more than one time. You can make a entry for every option listed.
The number of prizes will be based on the total number of entries received between March 27-April 10, 2020
25 entries = 1 drawing for a $25 gift card to the Cross Plains Area business of your choice*. (1 Winner)
50 entries = 2 drawings for $25 gift card to the Cross Plains Area business of your choice*. (2 Winners)
75 entries = 3 drawings for $25 gift card to the Cross Plains Area business of your choice*. (3 Winners)
100 entries = 4 drawings for $25 gift card to the Cross Plains Area business of your choice*. (4 Winners)
150 entries or more = 4 drawings for $25 gift card AND 1 drawing for a $50 gift card to the Cross Plains Area business of your choice*. (5 Winners)
*Business of your choice: You must choose a business that offers gift certificates (or business credit in some form) from the spreadsheet "Business Hours & Services During COVID-19" found on the Cross Plains Area Chamber of Commerce website
If the business you choose does not offer a gift certificate option, you will be allowed to choose another business. One business per winner ($25 cannot be split among multiple businesses)
If your businesses is not listed on our spreadsheet and you would like to be included, please send an email to
If you would like to see a business listed please ask them to reach out to us as well!

Dane County Small Business Awards 2020
Nominate our AMAZING Cross Plains Businesses today! You have until April 10th to make your nominations.
BONUS: If you nominate one of our local Cross Plains Area Businesses take a screenshot your entry and enter it in our  #DistanceSociallySupportLocallyWithCPACC  giveaway! (Check our events page for details!)
WMC Foundation Essay Contest

 Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC), the state’s largest and most influential business association, is proud to announce, through its affiliate WMC Foundation,  a new essay contest  to highlight how businesses in their local communities are helping during the COVID-19 pandemic. This contest is made possible due to the generous support of Georgia-Pacific.
WMC has been tirelessly working, since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, to keep the business community informed and connected with state and federal government officials, partner associations and experts in interpreting and navigating the changing landscape.
Along the way, WMC has heard time and time again of local businesses stepping up to help their community through the pandemic by changing the products they manufacture, adding production lines to increase output or donating excess supplies of gear that our health care workers need.
Since 1982, WMC Foundation’s Wisconsin Business World program has educated more than 25,000 high school students on business, entrepreneurism and free enterprise, through Summer Camps, one-day programs and classroom presentations. The Business World message is simple — Business is a Force for Good. This has been no clearer than right now as business after business shifts their focus to helping our state defeat this virus.
To further highlight this message, WMC Foundation is challenging middle and high school students from the State of Wisconsin to write an essay on the importance of business in their communities and the incredible way they’re seeing companies in Wisconsin respond to this pandemic.
Students should research ways Wisconsin companies are helping their employees through this crisis, as well as ways they are innovating and working with community partners to help control the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Three $500 cash prizes will be awarded to the top high school essays, and four $250 cash prizes will be awarded to the top middle school essays.
More information can be found at

Website & Social Media

Cross Plains Area Chamber of Commerce is keeping you up to date about COVID-19 via our Social Media platforms, Facebook and Instagram, as well as via our website.
We are Now adding Meetings for Webinars related to COVID-19 to our Facebook Page
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