December 7, 2019
An amazing spice for weight loss & health

Overweight? Cumin seed works better than anti-obesity drugs... ( Get out!!! )

Cumin, a warm, peppery seed found in spice cabinets around the globe, helped overweight individuals lose as much weight as those taking weight loss medication, with added benefits to insulin levels. If you need to shed some extra pounds, cumin may help, naturally....

PS: this is NOT black cumin seed, which is also excellent for health, but not the same...
Make your own "Jeera Water"
To make it, add cumin seeds (one to two teaspoons) to about four cups of water. You can bring the water to a boil for 20 minutes, or simply let the water and seeds sit overnight, in order to steep. The seeds can then be strained out of the water and the resulting tea sipped at your leisure as a healthy tonic.

Cook with cumin for your culinary enjoyment and health...
Cumin's smoky, spicy, perfume-y versatility makes it ideal for creating authentic dishes in the cuisines it has starred in for centuries, and it serves as a flavor pick-me-up for common foods. This spice made its way into cuisines all over the world centuries ago, including India, China, Malaysia, the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and Mexico. Cumin is actually a dried fruit, and the ways you prepare it affect its flavor.
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