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June 2019 Edition

New Customer Success Story: 
Star Steel Processing, Australia

After extensive research, Star Steel, a structural steel fabricator in Brisbane, Australia purchased its first PythonX in 2006. They quickly discovered that the PythonX did the work of 10 to 12 workers, so they branched out into processing steel for other fabricators. The cut quality and accuracy of the PythonX were in high demand from other fabricators. As the sales for outside processing grew, they shifted their focus from fabricating to solely processing, which led them to buy a new PythonX in 2011.

The PythonX Guide to Plasma Cutting in Codes and Standards is Now Available in 4 Languages

This Guide will address technical issues surrounding three features associated with parts
processed by PythonX systems, as follows:
  • Thermally cut holes that will be part of bolted connections
  • Thermally cut surfaces other than bolt holes, such as member edges, web penetrations, beam copes, weld access holes, and reduced beam section flanges
  • Markings for assembly locations, welding symbols, and permanent piece marks
Download your copy:
PythonX PLATE 
Now Available

The PythonX PLATE from Lincoln Electric is a next generation robotic cutting table that will power up your production and improve part quality.

Many sizes are available, with standard sizes including 10 ft. by 25 ft. and 10 ft. by 40 ft. In addition, sizes up to 10 ft. by 160 ft. are available.

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