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14 January, 2020
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The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary protects a complex, interconnected ecosystem with different habitats and wildlife. The Florida Keys Restoration Blueprint and Draft Environmental Impact Statement offers an opportunity for the industry to address these issues, restore habitats and protect marine wildlife. 

DEMA and the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation have teamed together to write a letter of support for many of the important elements of the Restoration Blueprint. Please learn more and help us support the Florida Keys.
VoteDon't Miss the Opportunity to Vote in the 2020-2022 Board of Directors Election
DEMA Members in the A-category who paid their dues by 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time on January 13, 2020 are eligible to vote in the current election as long as their ballot is submitted by January 27, 2020 at 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time. Don't miss the opportunity to have an impact on the direction of your trade association!

Election details, voting eligibility requirements, candidate information, and the official election ballot are all available online - click through to get all the details and vote NOW!
DSFirst Booth Space Liability Deadline Approaching for DEMA Show Exhibitors
February 10, 2020 is an important deadline for all contracted exhibitors for DEMA Show 2020. PLEASE TAKE NOTE REGARDING THIS DEADLINE: 
  • Don't Lose Your $20.45 Member Rate:
    Companies contracted at the DEMA Member rate of $20.45 per nsf must pay their 2020 membership dues as well as their 20% payment by February 10, 2020 in order to keep this rate. 
  • If You're Considering Downgrading or Canceling Do It Now:
    You must downgrade or cancel in writing to National Trade Productions prior to February 10, 2020 in order to avoid being liable for 20% of your already-contracted space.
  • Payment Due
    Please submit your 20% payment by this deadline in order to avoid any change to your chosen booth space location/configuration.
Check out some of our newest DEMA Members! 

Learn about their business, how you can connect with them, what their business is doing to shape the future of the industry, how they got involved in the industry, and much more!
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2019 Q3 Certification Census Now Available
DEMA's Certification Census includes data on U.S.-based Open Water Certifications. Access the updated data today!  
DEMA Show 2019 photos are now available online. Feel free to browse through them, share them on social media, email them to your friends, and download your favorites!
Free Advertising & Marketing Support
DEMA's Go Dive Now Advertising Campaign and Marketing Toolkit makes it easy and inexpensive for you to reach and acquire new customers. Log in to access your resources!
Go Dive Now Pool Tour
The Go Dive Now Pool has started adding events to the 2020 schedule. Check out where the Pool is headed and get involved today!
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