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17 December, 2019
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  • Happy Holidays from DEMA  |  READ
  • DEMA Sponsored Educational Sessions from DEMA Show 2019 Now Available Online  |  READ 
  • NOAA launches Mission: Iconic Reefs to Save Florida Keys Coral Reefs  |  READ 
  • DEADLINE NEXT WEEK: Submit Your Feedback on DEMA Show  |  READ
  • Vote in the 2020-2022 Board of Directors Election  |  READ
  • Save $50 on 2020 DEMA Membership |  READ
HolidaySeason's Greetings to You and Yours!
As we look back on 2019, we are grateful for the success our industry experienced throughout the year, thanks to the support of our Members and the industry.
Among many other things, we were able to conduct and release a study on new diving professionals to help us better understand how we can support and grow our industry; work to get the FWC to adopt several new regulations that protect sharks in Florida waters and protect a world-renowned dive site; advocate for industry issues in Washington, D.C.; host the 43 rd annual DEMA Show in Orlando, FL; and much more.
DEMA's mission is to bring businesses together to grow the industry worldwide. We are honored to serve and represent over 1,400 Members, five stakeholder groups, and the diving industry as a whole. 
With your continued support, we look forward to the accomplishments & success awaiting us in 2020. We wish you health & happiness this holiday season and much prosperity in the new year. 
DSSDEMA-Sponsored Educational Sessions from DEMA Show 2019 Now Available Online
Did you miss out on valuable educational opportunities provided as part of the DEMA-Sponsored Education Package? DEMA-Sponsored Education covers a wide spectrum of topics to expand your business and career. Select sessions from DEMA Show 2019 are now available for purchase from 

Learn more and purchase access to the recordings today!
NOAANOAA launches Mission: Iconic Reefs to Save Florida Keys Coral Reefs
In an effort to change the trajectory of the Florida Keys ecosystem,  NOAA and its partners are launching Restoring Seven Iconic Reefs: A Mission to Recover the Coral Reefs of the Florida Keys, one of the largest investments in reef restoration anywhere in the world. 
DSSurveyDEADLINE NEXT WEEK: Submit Your Feedback on DEMA Show for a Chance to Win!
DEMA is asking for DEMA Show 2019 Attendees and Exhibitors to provide their feedback and ideas. Let us know what you loved about DEMA Show 2019 and how we can make your experience even better in the future. 

Provide your feedback by 12/23/19 and you could win a $100 Visa gift card!
ElectionVote in the 2020-2022 DEMA Board of Directors Election
The deadline to vote in DEMA's 2020-2022 Board of Directors election is January 27, 2020. All 2020, A-category DEMA Members who join by 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time on January 13, 2020, the date-of-record for this election, are eligible to vote.

Votes can be submitted online at - Log in and vote today!
JoinSave $50 on a Membership When You Join by December 31, 2019
A 2020 DEMA Membership can provide your business with exclusive savings, resources, research and lots of other Industry benefits.

Become a 2020 DEMA Member by December 31, 2019 to save $50 on membership.

Learn more about membership and join today!
Check out some of our newest DEMA Members! 

Learn about their business, how you can connect with them, what their business is doing to shape the future of the industry, how they got involved in the industry, and much more!
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2019 Q3 Certification Census Now Available
DEMA's Certification Census includes data on U.S.-based Open Water Certifications. Access the updated data today!  
DEMA Show 2019 photos are now available online. Feel free to browse through them, share them on social media, email them to your friends, and download your favorites!
Free Advertising & Marketing Support
DEMA's Go Dive Now Advertising Campaign and Marketing Toolkit makes it easy and inexpensive for you to reach and acquire new customers. Log in to access your resources!
Go Dive Now Pool Tour
The Go Dive Now Pool has started adding events to the 2020 schedule. Check out where the Pool is headed and get involved today!
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