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11 February, 2020
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"Big Wave" Dave Reidenbach and the traveling Go Dive Now Pool Tour have a full event schedule planned for 2020. With upcoming events spanning from Washington D.C. to Los Angeles, CA, the traveling pool tour will bring the "try diving experience" to hundreds of event participants in the coming months.

Learn more about where the Pool is headed this year and how participating DEMA Member retailers are seeing huge returns on their participation.
Do you have powerful images that would be helpful in promoting the sport of diving? We are looking for fresh and moving images that can be used as part of the Go Dive Now's multi-faceted advertising and social media marketing campaign and help promote diving to consumers. 

New resources will be released soon - donate your photos or video to be part of driving industry growth. Learn more and donate your media files today!
DCCDiving Community Champion Nominee Spotlight: Wakatobi Dive Resort 
DEMA's Diving Community Champion Award recognizes DEMA Member companies using diving to benefit their communities and the public. Here we'd like to recognize and feature one of the nominees from the 2019 award season. Thank you for your contribution to our industry!

Wakatobi Dive Resort

Lorenz M├Ąder [founder of Wakatobi Dive Resort] has accomplished something very few in the dive industry can match. In an ongoing 25-year endeavor, he literally put the remote Wakatobi region of Indonesia on the map. Under Lorenz's hands-on guidance, his Wakatobi Resort has grown into the finest scuba diving resort on our planet. Yet while developing Wakatobi Resort into an unequaled luxury accommodation and service for divers, his primary focus has always been on preserving the coral reefs in the region. In a remote part of Indonesia where destructive fishing practices are the norm, this is far from a simple task, yet Lorenz has never wavered.  

- Nomination submitted by Kenneth Knezick, Island Dreams Travel

ResearchDon't Miss Out on Invaluable Research & Market Intelligence Resources
Being a 2020 DEMA Member makes it easy to reach potential new customers and engage your current clientele! Let DEMA help you find and reach more prospects and more customers effectively and inexpensively.

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DEMA Members gain access to FREE potential-customer location intelligence and demographic support with DEMA's EXCLUSIVE Neighborhood Brief (available to U.S. businesses & addresses only).

Find new leads with the help of market data provided to you in your report in the following seven areas: 15-minute drive-time map; demographic overview; zip code, population, and per capita income; occupation and educational attainment; home value and occupancy; retail sales potential; and target cluster identification.
Stay Current with Market Research & Insights
We know that it's important to you and your business to stay current on Industry trends, data, and practices. That's why DEMA doesn't stop working to provide DEMA Members with useful resources that empower you with the knowledge you need to make successful business decisions. 

Whether it's the latest information on customer demographics or research on crossover activities and more, a DEMA Membership gives you access to helpful resources and data.

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Check out some of our newest DEMA Members! 

Learn about their business, how you can connect with them, what their business is doing to shape the future of the industry, how they got involved in the industry, and much more!
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2019 Q3 Certification Census Now Available
DEMA's Certification Census includes data on U.S.-based Open Water Certifications. Access the updated data today!  
DEMA Show 2019 photos are now available online. Feel free to browse through them, share them on social media, email them to your friends, and download your favorites!
Free Advertising & Marketing Support
DEMA's Go Dive Now Advertising Campaign and Marketing Toolkit makes it easy and inexpensive for you to reach and acquire new customers. Log in to access your resources!
Go Dive Now Pool Tour
The Go Dive Now Pool has started adding events to the 2020 schedule. Check out where the Pool is headed and get involved today!
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