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18 February, 2020
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DEMA's Board of Directors will gather for the first Board Meeting of 2020 on February 25th and 26th in San Diego, CA. The Board will focus on setting DEMA's strategic goals for the year in order to help fulfill its mission of bringing businesses together to grow the diving industry worldwide. 
Mentorship program  epitomizes DEMA's Mission; to bring businesses together to grow the diving industry worldwide and celebrates the wealth of mentoring experience our diving community has to offer one another. Let us connect you with other industry professionals looking to enhance their career and strengthen our industry!
To assist in matching and managing the new Mentorship program, DEMA has established a Mentorship Committee and is seeking member volunteers for 2020.
Committee members will evaluate applicants and help match mentors with mentees using established criteria. Committee members will also assist in overseeing the paired parties for the duration of the mentorship period.
Learn more and apply to become a committee member today!
DCCDiving Community Champion Nominee Spotlight: Dixie Divers
DEMA's Diving Community Champion Award recognizes DEMA Member companies using diving to benefit their communities and the public. Here we'd like to recognize and feature one of the nominees from the 2019 award season. Thank you for your contribution to our industry!

Dixie Divers 

Dixie Divers coordinated their annual Deerfield Beach Pier Cleanup. To bring in divers to help support the cleanup effort, they registered to break a Guinness World Record: Largest Underwater Clean-Up. On June 15, 2019 they set a new record with 633 SCUBA Divers. There were also numerous volunteers helping with the topside clean-up and coordination. As a result of these efforts 1,826 lbs. of lead (including over 5,100 sinkers), 101.7 lbs. of fishing line (including over 6,200 pieces), 644.5 lbs. of miscellaneous items (such as knives, fishing poles, wood, metal fragments), and of course a 45 lb. dumbbell were removed from under the pier and in the surrounding area. Totaling a weight of 2,572.2 lbs, debris was removed and either recycled or disposed of appropriately by the city of Deerfield Beach. Not only was this a very enjoyable experience for those who participated, it was a huge environmental success, a boost to the local communities economy and helped bring together divers from across the U.S. and the world. Dixie Divers and the Guinness event were trending on social media and the event was punished by several media sources across the globe, including but not limited to the BBC. 

- Nomination submitted by  Arilton Pavan, Dixie Divers
Check out some of our newest DEMA Members! 

Learn about their business, how you can connect with them, what their business is doing to shape the future of the industry, how they got involved in the industry, and much more!
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2019 Q3 Certification Census Now Available
DEMA's Certification Census includes data on U.S.-based Open Water Certifications. Access the updated data today!  
DEMA Show 2019 photos are now available online. Feel free to browse through them, share them on social media, email them to your friends, and download your favorites!
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Go Dive Now Pool Tour
The Go Dive Now Pool has started adding events to the 2020 schedule. Check out where the Pool is headed and get involved today!
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