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10 March, 2020
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DEMA is working with the association and convention communities to help bring you the best information available regarding travel to consumer dive and adventure shows, as well as other travel opportunities.

We are relying on and linking advice from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) so that you can most easily locate the latest updates. Whether you are planning to travel to dive, take customers on local diving excursions, or visiting a diving or travel show, DEMA is recommending that members of the industry follow these WHO and CDC Guidelines.
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DEMA is now requesting nominations for the prestigious Reaching Out Award! Since 1989, the Reaching Out Award has been presented to individuals who have made a significant contribution to the sport of diving by "reaching out" in some special way to improve the sport for everyone. 

The deadline for online submissions is 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time on Monday, April 13, 2020.
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As a DEMA volunteer, you'll learn more about the diving industry, network with the most active and knowledgeable members of the diving community, and contribute to the growth of recreational diving. DEMA has many different opportunities available that will fit your time and desire to be involved. Become a leader by volunteering your time and expertise to the diving industry!
DCCDiving Community Champion Nominee Spotlight: West Bay Divers
DEMA's Diving Community Champion Award recognizes DEMA Member companies using diving to benefit their communities and the public. Here we'd like to recognize and feature one of the nominees from the 2019 award season. Thank you for your contribution to our industry!

West Bay Divers

West Bay Divers is a Platinum Sponsor for Roatan's Marine Park. At each dive, they express the need to be extremely cautious while diving around the coral and marine life, minimize touching of all things underwater, discourage the use of non-friendly sunscreen, they intently do not overcrowd their boats to ensure they can oversee all divers and prevent issues, and they tell all customers the importance of reef conservation. Additionally, they have partnered with my company to utilize real-time location based technology, that has a reef overlay, to show them an historical (and real-time) mapping picture of the reefs they go to, how often reefs are hit with divers from their boats, etc. They have partnered with us with the intent to grow the need of this technology to all dive operations - to be used in unison - to watch overuse of diving spots around the island.

- Nomination submitted by  Sunshine Northrup, 40Geo, LLC 
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2019 Q4 Certification Census Now Available
DEMA's Certification Census includes data on U.S.-based Open Water Certifications. Access the updated data today!  
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