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24 March, 2020
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  • On-Demand Webinar: 911 for You and Your Small Business   |  READ
  • Updated with More Resources: Five Resources to Protect Your Dive Business in the Face of COVID-19  |  READ
  • Free Shareable Images to Use During COVID-19  |  READ 
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  • Member-to-Member Ideas During Tough Times  |  READ
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  • Diving Community Champion Nominee Spotlight: Adaptive Diving Association  |  READ
Join Tom Shay of Profits Plus for this 60-minute on-demand webinar targeted for small businesses. Tom will provide ideas, strategies and thoughts to help retailers and other small organizations during these difficult times. 

Shay, a recurring DEMA-Show speaker, is a small business management expert who created Profits Plus based upon his years of experience in a family-owned business. Tom is a fourth-generation business owner. He is also an author of thirteen books, a college text book, a columnist for over 70 trade magazines, business coach and small business keynote speaker. Tom has provided this webinar to DEMA members and the diving industry at no cost.
Updated_ 5 Resources to Help Protect Your Dive Business in the Face of COVID-19
With the uncertainty surrounding the spread of COVID-19 and the latest information that the effects of this National Emergency could continue into the summer, it is critical for dive retailers and all small dive businesses to stay in front of their customers, and to utilize all the resources available to them. 
DEMA suggests several resources from the federal government and from DEMA for Members to consider during this crisis.
5 Resources to Help Protect Your Dive Business in the Face of COVID-19
During this time, it is imperative that your business remains visible to your customers. Make sure you are continuously communicating about your operation, talking about diving, and generally keeping customers and local divers engaged. Time after time, businesses that keep promoting their operations and services come out better and faster following a crisis when they have continued marketing.

Please feel free to share these images on your social media platforms to keep your clientele and community engaged with your business and the industry.

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If you have educational images, posters, presentations, videos, etc. that teach children about diving, diving with family, ocean life, biology or sciences related to diving, or other related topics, consider sharing them with DEMA. We will compile a list and share with our online communities to help parents and others who are looking for educational resources for their children. To share, please click through and submit your resources.
Share Your Ideas
We'd love to be able to share the advice, best practices, and experiences of our Members with the industry to help us get through this together. Share with us what you are doing to help your business succeed during this crisis.
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DCCDiving Community Champion Nominee Spotlight: Adaptive Diving Association
DEMA's Diving Community Champion Award recognizes DEMA Member companies using diving to benefit their communities and the public. Here we'd like to recognize and feature one of the nominees from the 2019 award season. Thank you for your contribution to our industry!

Adaptive Diving Association

Mayan Princess Beach & Dive Resort located on the West Bay of  the Island of Roatan (Honduras) is hosted Adaptive Diving Association for their Adaptive Freedom Dive September 28th through October 5th, 2019.  In preparation, this resort renovated its facilities to provide increased accessibility for adaptive individuals, including making their dive boats adaptive diver friendly! The highlights of this week long adventure included the World's first female bilateral quadruple amputee diving independently on SCUBA!  She was accompanied by quadriplegic and paraplegic Adaptive Divers who utilized the specialized adaptive diving equipment such as, arm fins, universal/adjustable lower limb amputee fins, adaptive roll control designed by Adaptive Diving Association. We brought along our support team comprised of our Adaptive Diving Association Instructors, Dive Masters and Dive Buddies, and with a group of medical professionals.  Some of our support team have been training adaptive individuals for more than 30 years! In past, adaptive divers lacked a true sense of Freedom which SCUBA diving can provide in the underwater zero gravity environment, as most could not propel themselves under the water which required being towed by other nonadaptive divers.  Our goal is to demonstrate that it IS possible for the adaptive individual to learn how to be independent on SCUBA and to do so safely.   

- Nomination submitted by Debra Helms,Adaptive Diving Association 
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COVID-19 Updates
DEMA has created a web page for all industry members, which contains pertinent articles on travel, equipment usage and cleaning, and health guidelines from the WHO and CDC, as well as links to outbreak monitoring services.  LEARN MORE
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