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19 May, 2020
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  • Retail Reopening Guide Series Available from DEMA  |  READ 
  • New Social Media Images Available: Diving Trivia Questions  | READ 
  • Now is a Great Time for Learning & Sharing Your Expertise  | READ
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As the U.S. federal government, states and local governments consider a post-COVID-19 economy, retailers are seeking ways to protect customers and employees, while safely reopening their businesses. DEMA's new Retailer Reopening Series includes guidance broken down into three phases: 
  1.  Reopening Phase I: Considerations for E-commerce, Contactless Curbside Pickup & At-home Delivery and other topics common to all phases of reopening
  2. Reopening Phase II: Re-opening with Social Distancing and Reduced Occupancy 

  3. Reopening: Phase III: The New Normal - Establish Protection, then Lift Restrictions

Phase I and Phase II are now available for download. Click through and access the guides today! 

During this time, it is critical that you are continuously communicating about your operation, talking about diving, and generally keeping customers and local divers engaged. 

The latest addition to DEMA's collection of shareable social media images to use during the COVID-19 pandemic is a series of trivia questions. 

Post these images on your business's Facebook or Instagram newsfeed and ask your followers to leave their answers in the comments below. Be sure to follow up by posting the answer or answer image later and giving a shout out to those who answered correctly.

DEMA has designed a collection of other images that have been specifically curated to help engage your social media communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Click through to access and share this and other free images now!
The DEMA Mentorship Program epitomizes DEMA's mission; to bring businesses together to grow the diving industry worldwide. Now more than ever, dive industry professionals can benefit by learning from each other and sharing their expertise. Support like-minded professionals as we navigate these challenging times and help our industry not just survive, but thrive... apply today!
DEMA's Go Dive Now Marketing Digest email subscription goes out twice a month with marketing ideas as well as suggestions for social media and promotional content, using materials from the Go Dive Now Member Toolkit. 

Subscribe now to have content delivered directly to your inbox that can help you promote your business during the challenges of COVID-19 and as you navigate the reopening of your business.

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