P ULL THE ROPE is the foundation of the Byrnes High School Rebels Speed and Strength Program. We constantly challenge any and all teams to PULL THE ROPE during their training session. As incoming middle school athletes, we ask them, “If you were hanging on the edge of a cliff, tired and about to fall, which of your teammates would be the one to hand you a rope and pull you to safety?” The correct answer is “ALL of them”. This is easier said than done. There are there criteria that must be met before we can honestly say that you would PULL THE ROPE for your teammate. Here are three questions we ask our athletes:

This means chasing and committing to excellence in the classroom, hallway, cafeteria, out in the community, and of course, in the weight room and practice field. Commitment means being on time, prepared, focused, encouraging, and supporting others and giving your best effort.

Character is what you do when no one is watching. Trust is earned by your actions. If you cannot be trusted, you are not committed.

'We before me'! Do you encourage and support your teammates on and off the field, track, court, or diamond. Do you try to “raise others up” or try to "tear them down”. Teams that truly care about each other are ALWAYS successful.
I f an athlete is Committed, Trustworthy, and Cares about his teammates, he or she will PULL THE ROPE! We think of these four “Pillars of our Program” that they are embossed onto our lifting platforms in our weight room.
Chasing Greatness | Long Term Goals

  1. Rebuild & Maintain Culture Daily Investment
  2. Organize from the top to bottom Communicate the Vision, Expectations, The Plan 7 Accountability
  3. Youth Development Educate, Equip, Energize
  4. Reintroduce the Brand Saturate the area Market the product!
  5. Facilities Improvement Make them want to support the product!

“Dominate the Details” |Daily/Weekly Goals
  1. Establish & Maintain Discipline Routines, Habits, Daily
  2. Fundamentals Development – Daily
  3. Grade/Behavior Monitoring – Weekly
  4. Leadership Planning/Meeting – Weekly
  5. Strength/Speed Development 3 per week minimum
Check out Coach Srock's guide that shows how he categorizes his groups.
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About The Author 
Coach Michael Srock is the Head Strength Coach for the Running Rebels of Byrnes High School. Coach Srock works hard and stays determined to train his athletes at high levels. He has helped the rebels win 8 state championships in the last 12 years, as well as other various Olympic sport championships. He is NASE certified as well as on the board and he is a national coach for USA weightlifting. In 2010, Srock published  101 Fundamentals for Football Speed  with two instructional DVD’s for Coaches Choice Publishing Company. Srock is married to Judy, has two daughters, Carre and Teresa; a granddaughter, Sterling; and three grandsons, Raven, Ryo and Nikolas plus the joy of his life, GREAT granddaughter, Alexandria Leigh and GREAT grandson, Pierce.
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