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Since there is a LOT more room in the Boston location, and we're able to do more full service repair and restoration, I thought I'd highlight some of our most common services, and a few you may not have thought of. In need of some adjustments? Got a bass that needs some heavy duty restoration? Give us a call to discus and setup and make an appointment.

If you're reading this and own an Upton, shoot us a clip or a pic! We love to see what your up to and maybe even feature you here in the Upton Report.

As always, don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. We love hearing from you!

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Upton Bass String Instrument Co.

New Soundpost/Soundpost Adjust    
A well fitting sound post made of high quality aged spruce is key to the health and tone of your double bass. The tension must be just right, the location precise and the fit accurate. If any of these elements are out of balance problems can arise.

Our soundposts are hand-turned by our luthiers from our own select stores of spruce. This service is available at both the Boston and Mystic locations. Give us a call at 860-535-9399 to schedule.


New Bass Bridge & Bridge Adjustments  

Look down at your bridge. Is it warped? Leaning? Do the feet fit perfectly to the belly? Is it too thick? To thin?

The luthiers at Upton Bass get to see a lot of double basses...and very few have professional, quality, well fit bass bridges. Many problems with bass bridges range from; poor wood selection and size to poor quality workmanship, bad placement, and many times just the age of the bridge or more so the time is has been neglected standing on the bass. The best bass in the world can be hard to lay and lacking in tone with a bad bass bridge.

Our bass luthiers measure your bass inside and out to determine the best bridge for your double bass. We listen to you play, we watch how you play and what style of music you play, and we carve a bass bridge that works for you and your bass.

Never underestimate a well selected, well cut bridge...and when you have one...you'll never regret it. Call the bass setup specialists today at Upton Bass 860-535-9399 

Finger Board Shaping/Dress

Looking for that classic jazz growl? Not enough clarity when playing arco? The key might be your fingerboard. Properly planing, shaping and dressing a fingerboard has been a lifetime pursuit for the luthiers at Upton Bass String Instrument Co., and they are always honing their skills. Taking the time to fully understand what you need from your double bass and and being able to translate this need into the physical shape of your fingerboard is the hardest part of a professional setup. The results are superior tone and play-ability that often exceeds players expectations. 
Repair and Restoration with Cleats and Patches

We are often asked what the difference is between a cleat and a patch when repairing or restoring a double bass. A cleat is a spruce reinforcement that sits ON TOP of the original material while a patch is spruce that is inlaid INTO the original material.

Whether it is a top, back or rib repair, a luthier must know when to cleat and when to patch a crack or damaged area.

A patch offers a more secure repair, but requires the removal of original material. A luthier must always ask themselves if the removal of original material is best before proceeding as it is such a permanent repair. A cleat, on the other hand, is completely reversible when done right and does not intrude into the original makers work.


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