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Upton Bass NewsletterVolume 68 - May 19, 2012
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The bass in flyer was stolen March 15 in Berkeley, CA.  Help keep an eye out for it!  
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It's been a busy week!


Last Saturday Gary & I rented a box truck and loaded it to the top (literally!) with double basses!  Everything from the Prescott to a Shen (and more basses coming in all the time) are now living in the Boston showroom under the careful eye of Joshua.  Bass heaven...on Boylston Street! Whether you're looking for vintage basses or modern masterpieces, the Boston showroom is the place for you! 


Eric Revis also stopped in this week to pickup his new travel bass.  A one of a kind creation...this "Brescian Lite" will soon be racking up more air miles than most people do in a lifetime!  Eric is also perhaps one of the coolest guys you could ever hope to meet.  Check him out...he's the real deal.  www.ericrevis.com   


We've been refining our models and introducing basses like the Bostonian, Bohemian & Brescian, and new models are on the way like The Chicago, The Concord and The Mirecourt. But There is also a new line of basses on the website!  Just a short drive down the road from us is another Partnership putting out basses that raised the bar in what you can expect in a bass in the sub $10k market.  New Standard Basses have an impeccable reputation in the world of professional musicians.  Be sure to stop by our Stonington, CT workshop and try one out before it goes up to the Boston showroom in a few weeks. 


Gary adds Facebook posts all the time on our bass progress here in the shop, as well as our adventures in the creation of a new home for Upton Bass!   Check it out - your feedback is always appreciated.  


Drop us a line any time. And remember... the best is yet to come!


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Eric Roy
Upton Bass String Instrument Co
New Standard Cleveland
New Standard Double Bass
Modeled after a highly sought-after American-made bass which is no longer available, the New Standard ClevelandTM fills the gap between inexpensive student basses and premium but fragile carved instruments. Truly a professional bass, it responds equally well both pizzicato and arco. The string length is reasonable (42"), the construction is strong, and the body design produces a punchy, deep tone.


Eric Revis

The issues of portability and transportation affect double bass players of all levels and styles.  We understand the difficulties facing touring musicians when it comes to weight and size restrictions. We also understand the desire to have a fully functioning, great sounding and inspiring acoustic bass to play once you reach your destination!   Enter the UB Travel Bass.  Over the past year Upton Bass has developed what we believe to be the finest removable/adjustable-neck option available for the double bass, at a price that makes it available to a whole new segment of musicians. 

The system was conceived with two goals - to produce a sophisticated evolution of our removable neck upgrade, and to develop a smooth and dependable adjustable neck function. We believe both goals have been met with many added benefits. The UB Travel Bass system uses an interlocking high-strength aluminum joint in the neck block which allows the neck to be removed and replaced with perfect fit and precision. The system also allows for direct, instant adjust-ability of your string height and action!  Using the hex key at the back of the neck joint, you can dial in exactly the string height you require for any musical style, feel or season. 

Good bye bridge risers! 

We have found the adjustable neck to be addictive - do you require a pronounced string action for bowing and section work one evening, only to need jazz bass growl the next?  You can literally dial up your preferred action between tunes.  For transport, remove the neck and pack into the included hard shell flight case.

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