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Upton Bass String Instrument Co NewsletterVolume 38 - March 18th, 2011
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"Danny Boy"
"the Maid at the Well"
Concert Duo"
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Steve Millhouse

Top of the evening to ya.  OK, it looks to you like I'm a day late for Saint Patrick's Day...but it's the 17th while I'm writing this...so cheers!

The ISB convention is coming fast...and serious amounts of wood needs to hit the floor!  Plans are being made, lists are being drawn up and, and like I said...wood is hitting the floor!

Gary is giving away a FREE Revolution Solo to a random "friend" on his FaceBook page when he gets to 1,000 friends!  Don't miss an opportunity to get something for nothing!

So, without further ado, I bring you some Friday night double bass goodness!

And remember...if you have ANY links, news, videos, etc. you want to share (really...please...share!), eMail it to me at eroy@uptonbass.com and I'll be sure to share it.  Oh...and if you just want to say "Hi" you can do that too!

Have a nice weekend!

Eric Roy
Upton Bass String Instrument Co

BILL EVANS "Danny Boy"

What better way to spend an Saint Patrick's Day evening than writing the Upton Report with Bill Evans dripping out of the speakers...


"The Maid at the Well"

Conor MacCarthy, double bass, performing "The Maid at the Well", an Irish "trad" song, in the style of the Irish fiddle. Recorded at the double bass class of Michael Wolf at the University of Limerick, Ireland.

"Concert Duo for Violin and Double Bass."

This is a clip from Edgar Meyer & Chris Thile's set on the Woodsong's Old Time Radio Hour. You can watch the show in its entirety by going to the Woodsong's archives at http://www.woodsongs.com/showlist.asp (show #506).