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Upton Bass String Instrument Co NewsletterVolume 49 - October 19th, 2011
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Upgrade; Harvie S
Upgrade: Geno Heiter
Harvie and Geno's Uptons

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It's cold, raining and wet outside but warm in the shop as our work continues and hot coffee flows...

So many exciting things have been rolling out of our shop this autumn as we refine our craft, especially the mind-bending work and invention put into our new Travel Bass - a LOT more to come on that...

As the days grow shorter, it was extra special to see our old friends and devotees Harvie S and Geno Heiter come through the shop and select new instruments to push their creativity - one cycle ends, another begins.  We can't wait to hear the results on stage and record and wish them every success!  It's a thrill to have masters play instruments that have come through our hands.

We promise to keep you in the loop every time we look up from the workbench...thanks for reading.

The best is yet to come...stay tuned!!!

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Eric Roy
Upton Bass String Instrument Co
UPGRADE: Harvie S in Concert

...A new UB Concert Deluxe that is! Our latest "Gary's Bass" got several whole days with Gary before becoming "Harvie's Bass."  We'll be adding video of Harvie S going over his new instrument with Gary very soon.

UPGRADE: Geno to a Full Size Martin!
Geno Heiter has been coming in and playing the George Martin 4/4 bass all summer, and we've done all we can do to tweak his other basses to sound like it - the only remedy?  Get the Martin! We can't wait to hear it as Geno backs the likes of Frank Sinatra Jr.  Gary just came back from the Martins workshop in England and has the pick of their latest creations.

Former Harvie S and Geno Heiter Basses!
Both Upton Bass jazz cannons previously played by Geno and Harvie are available to you at our Stonington, Connecticut location.  Please check out these beautifully played in examples.


...Geno's Kay is even here!