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Upton Bass String Instrument Co NewsletterVolume 31 - December 17th, 2010
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This weeks videos are so inspiring to me.  400 years ago the violin was being asked to do more and more as the halls grew in size, the players got better, and composers wrote the scores to drive it all.  Stradivari brought the violin so far forward that it has remained virtually unchanged to this day.  This period of time is refereed to as the golden period of violin-making.

Today I feel we are entering the golden period of the bass, and musicians like the ones highlighted in this weeks clips will keep shops like us pushing the limits of ergonomics, tone and overall refinement of the double bass.  And we are not alone. I think the basses being made today are light years ahead of anything made previous...and I hope I live long enough for this statement to be realized by all.

So, without further ado, I bring you some Friday night double bass goodness!

And remember...if you have ANY links, news, videos, etc. you want to share, eMail it to me at eroy@uptonbass.com and I'll be sure to share it.  Oh...and if you just want to say "Hi" you can do that too!

Have a nice weekend!

Eric Roy
Upton Bass String Instrument Co
Bassiona Amorosa!
A fantastic compilation of some very gifted double bassists!

Saint-Petersburg Philharmonic
Bass Quartet

Sankt-Petersburg philharmonic double bass quartet. Artem Chirkov, Mikhail Glazachev, Arseny Petrov and Peter Gogitidze.

Roman Patkolo Zigeunerweisen
As bass makers, players like this will keep us on our toes!