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Upton Bass String Instrument Co NewsletterVolume 40 - April 30th, 2011
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We get asked pretty often about the differences between our standard tops and our deluxe tops on our Hybrid and Professor basses.  While the visual difference is striking, the real "magic" is in the tone.  Gary took the opportunity to compare two basses this week for you to see and hear.  Let me know what you think in his YouTube video.

So, without further ado, I bring you some weekend double bass goodness!

And remember...if you have ANY links, news, videos, etc. you want to share (really...please...share!), eMail it to me at eroy@uptonbass.com and I'll be sure to share it.  Oh...and if you just want to say "Hi" you can do that too!

Have a nice weekend!

Eric Roy
Upton Bass String Instrument Co

Gary compares two very different UB Hybrid Double Basses  


Gary from Upton Bass goes through the differences between two UB Hybrid Double basses, a Standard Hybrid and a Standard Hybrid with a upgraded Deluxe top.
Larry and His Flask
I really don't know what to say about this...but I applaud his energy!

Thanks Zach!



Hi, Eric ... Thanks for providing your Friday newsletter. Always enjoyable and informative. You asked for links ... perhaps you saw this sent out by Lester Perkins on his Jazz on the Tube service on the occasion of Mingus' 89th birthday. 

Best ... Jay