For the Love of...
Chocolate. Can we talk chocolate?

As inconsistent and unpredictable as the last year has been, we can always count on chocolate. Perhaps not toilet paper, but always chocolate.

I hope your 2021 is off to a better start than last year.

I have definitely had to pivot, and re-think the best way to serve my customers. I'm working on a subscription box as a way to promote artists, crafters, and creative product makers. And, I am planning to launch Get R.E.A.L in 90 Days: The Ultimate PR Bootcamp sometime this year. You can get on the waiting list to be notified when it's ready.

Can I be frank with you?

Trying to figure out what content people want is HARD.

Obviously. the goal is to provide value. But. there's a lot of competition out there vying for space in your inbox.

It's not enough to write a compelling. informative article that someone actually wants to read. If it's sitting in a sea of 15,183 other emails (which is, no joke, how many are in my inbox), it will get lost before you ever get to it.

So, I'm asking you...what makes you want to stay on someone's list?

Will you take the super short survey below and help me figure this out?
2021 Email Marketing Survey
February Email Marketing Infographic

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Please let me know. if you have any questions. I am here to serve you.

Again, thank you for sharing this space with me,

Stay safe, stay healthy.