Nordic Lager was our first holiday beer brewed in 2011. It is our take on a traditional Finnish beer called Sahti, which is brewed with juniper berries and rye. Nordic is a balanced beer with a unique resiny character. Nordic is a local favorite; if you haven't given it a try, be sure to grab a pint of it this year.

We are releasing Nordic in our taproom on Friday, April 5th. Details for the Nordic Release Party are listed below in the Taproom section. After our party, Nordic Lager will be available on tap at your local bar or restaurant starting the week of April 15th.

Curious about what's coming next in our Taproom Series? Check out this Beer Calendar for our upcoming releases.

Summer Crush season is nearly here! This seasonal favorite is a beer brewed just for summer. It has a pleasant lemon flavor and aroma from using Sorachi Ace hops, which is a defining characteristic of this Japanese hop variety. The malted barley lends a slightly sweet, biscuity backbone. Summer Crush is a sessionable beer and is our take on a Shandy without being one. 

Summer Crush is coming soon to a liquor store, bar, and restaurant near you starting the week of April 22nd. Keep an eye on the Beer Finder on our website to see where you can get Summer Crush in your neck of the woods.

Current MN law restricts breweries producing more than 20,000 barrels annually from selling growlers. Starting October 1, 2019, Castle Danger Brewery will be restricted from selling growlers. Several other Minnesota breweries are approaching the same restriction. The new Growler Cap Bill would allow any brewery with a taproom to sell growlers.

The senate will be voting on the Omnibus Liquor Bill (S.F. 2130) sometime between April 1 - 5. The Growler Cap bill is scheduled as an amendment to the Senate's Omnibus Liquor Bill.

Please reach out to your representatives; we need all of the help we can get! Find your legislators here. If you're a little shy or if this is your first time contacting your representative, here is a sample script for calling and leaving a voicemail:

"Hello, my name is Jane Smith. I'm a constituent from Minnesota, zip code 10001. I am a fan of Minnesota Craft Beer and the impact craft brewers have on our community, tourism, and economy. I am very concerned about losing the ability to buy growlers from Minnesota craft breweries. I strongly encourage the senator to please support the Omnibus Liquor Bill S.F. 2130. Your vote can impact more than 160 small businesses in Minnesota. Thank you for your hard work!"

You can also email your representatives with the above script. Calling is MUCH more effective, but emailing is better than nothing! The Senate may vote on S.F. 2130 as early as April 2, and they need to hear from you first! Just 5 minutes of your time could have a massive impact on the MN Craft Beer scene.

Some of you received an email from us in the beginning of March asking you to reach out to your representatives. If you are interested in receiving more Growler Cap Bill emails from us, please subscribe to our growler information newsletter. 

Bjorn is our Head Brewer at Castle Danger Brewery. Being a Head Brewer may sound like an easy and fun gig to many of you, but it is one of the most important, demanding, and intense jobs at the brewery. Okay, it's also pretty fun. Bjorn is one of the hardest-working employees at Castle Danger and inspires his terrific team of brewers to be the same. Here's a little bit about Bjorn.

Q: What did you do before working at CDB?
A: I spend a long time working for a couple of other local (North Shore) breweries. I put in a lot of work and learned a lot about how to make good beer (and how to not make good beer).

Q: How long have you been working for CDB?
A: Almost two years. Those two trips around the sun have gone by fast, but we have come so far.

Q: What is your favorite part of your job?
A: I love the blending and mixing. Mixing ingredients and blending batches of beer. Blending the art of brewing with the science of brewing. Blending the sweet malt or wort with the bitter and aromatic hops. Mixing innovation with tradition. Integrating our people and their skills with our process. I hope the end result is well-rounded people making balanced product.

Q: What is your favorite CDB beer? What is your favorite beer outside of CDB?
A: Our Ode IPA is on the regular and White Pine Project IPA when it is in season. Our Brut IPA and the Orange Pale Ale from the Taproom Series stand out also. Otherwise my answer to the favorite beer question is always Duchesse De Bourgogne. It is the Flanders Red Ale; the most complex and delicious of all beers, in my opinion.

Q: If you had a superpower, what would it be?
A: Does the Force count? Because if I have to pick just one I think I pick using the Force.

Q: What was the first concert you ever went to?
A: I started going to punk and ska shows in junior high; so probably MxPx or Gohti Hook. This first “big” act I went to was Blondie and Earth Wind & Fire. I had just gotten my license and drove myself downtown St. Paul to see the free outside concert.

Q: Who inspires you?
A: There are a lot of great people out there doing great things. Those people are great examples, and we should learn from them. Ultimately, we need to inspire ourselves. We take the action to make change, to get up and do something. So get back to work and make a difference! 

Q: Describe one crazy moment/memory you’ve had at CDB.
A: Several weeks ago a vendor had some pizzas sent over for our lunch. If a surprise pizza party doesn’t make the best day ever then I don’t know what does. I also had a pretty good chip at last years Two Harbors Chamber of Commerce golf event, golfing on the Team Danger A-team. I think that was pretty exciting for everyone.

Bjorn keeps the tanks full and our team happy. He is an indispensable member of Team Danger and we are incredibly lucky to have him. The next time you drink a dangerously good ale, toast to Bjorn!

Everything starts at 6pm on April 5th. A brewer will start the party with an introduction to Nordic while we pass out *free samples*, live music by Pushing Chain starts at 7pm, hourly prize drawings, multiple infusions of Nordic, and a Louise's Place pop-up shop. The first 24 people to order a pint of Nordic Lager will get a free Team Danger pint glass. We are also offering $1 off pints and discounted growlers of Nordic during the party. The first drawing will be at 7pm and will go every hour until 9pm; you must purchase a pint of Nordic to enter the drawing, and must be present to win. Mark your calendars!

One Book Northland is working with our friends at Trivia Mafia to bring you another night of trivia at Castle Danger Brewery. Better yet, it’s Harry Potter themed! Test your knowledge of all things Hogwarts during our Harry Potter Trivia Night on April 17th from 6-8:30pm.

Our Pints for a Cause program is donating to the Two Harbors Volunteer Firemen for the entire month of April. Stop in every Wednesday and $1 of every pint sold will go to the organization. It's a great way to feel good about drinking beer. See you on Wednesday.
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