How Pickleball Began: In 1965, on a small island a short distance from Seattle, Washington, three friends had just returned home from a day on the golf course. What began as a game invented to keep their kids entertained would become a fun, social fitness activity for fans of all ages. Armed only with table tennis paddles and a wiffle ball, they lowered the net on their backyard badminton court and began creating a game that the kids and adults alike quickly fell in love with. The odd name came about because the ball used for those original games belonged to the family dog, a cocker spaniel named Pickles.

Why Pickleball: To find out why so many people of all ages and skill levels enjoy Pickleball, you have to look beyond the rules and the equipment. The simple truth is, it’s a fun, entertaining, and lively sport that encourages friendly competition. Pickleball matches are a social event, allowing friends and neighbors to stay fit while staying engaged with their community.

Let's Play Pickleball: NAAAP Detroit is excited to share an experiential fun learning, team building, and networking opportunity with you this summer: Let’s Play Pickleball! Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the US. Even if you have never played pickleball before, you are welcome to come and learn. You will enjoy it.