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Weekend of December 7th & Dec. 8th, 2019


The Rev. Trish Harrison Warren of the Anglican Church in North America wrote about Advent in the New York Times  last week.  I saw in her writing a brief, profound treatise on how, as Christians, we can miss the greater opportunities of the holy seaso n of Advent.  She invites us to face and embrace the darkness we experience, on a physical, social, and spiritual level.  Rather than succumb, as most of our society does, to the relentless, mandatory celebrations for multiple weeks prior to the coming of the Light of Christ, it is important that we look around to examine the world which dwells in darkness.  This morning I grieved in reading about three children who died from the flu in detention facilities, to which our Homeland Security Department is neglecting to send influenza vaccinations. We must notice the reality of human tragedy by which we are surrounded.  How can we otherwise go merrily about?  We must see these things and "lean into the cosmic ache".  The time to rejoice is coming, yet we need to experience that "hunger is the best condiment", and some self deprivation is in order that we may declare a solidarity with all of humanity.  As I experience my first Advent as a member of St. Mary's, I find the embracing of darkness and light not so much as a tension of opposites, but more as a "becoming one" opportunity, and most of all a chance for new awareness and empathy.

With Gratitude,
Ray Edler

At this time, Rev. Jennifer has commended this article to the attention of all.

Want to Get Into the Christmas Spirit? Face the Darkness.
How I fell in love with the season of Advent.
By  Tish Harrison Warren

From the New York Times, Nov. 30 2019;    Read HERE

-W O R S H I P-
Worship the Lord in the splendor of holiness... - Psalm 96
"St. Nicholas Sunday"

Preparing for Worship This Weekend

T his Weekend's Collect 
Merciful God, who sent your messengers the prophets to preach repentance and prepare the way for our salvation: Give us grace to heed their warnings and forsake our sins, that we may greet with joy the coming of Jesus Christ our Redeemer; who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.

Access the readings (track 2) HERE

Past sermons can be listened to HERE

Liturgical Ministry Assignments:

 Saturday 5PM
Lector & Intercessor:
                                                      Stacy Mello   (1st)

Carole Nicodemus

                                                   Murry Edwards

 Sunday 9AM
Crucifer:  Steve Bakios
Acolytes: Michelle Freitas, Sarah Freitas
Carol McOsker (1st), Carol Brierley (2nd)
Intercessor: Chris Winslow
LEM: Elaine Bakios
Greeters: Pauline Davis, David Spengler
Preacher: The Rev.Jennifer Pedrick+

Ted Bierman, Counter
Harry Fustafson, Pledge Clerk

Hospitality/Coffee Hour
Andrea Kinsley, Lynn Carlson LeBlanc

Altar Guild
Ann Gizzi, Joanne Garcia,  Ruth Siebens

 Advent and Christmas Worship

All Advent and Christmas Worship services will be offered 
in the St. George's Chapel. This is a wonderful opportunity to share the love of God and our community with friends and family who may be visiting or live locally. 

Advent II
  • St. Nicholas Weekend, special visit and preaching from the bishop of Myra.
  • Wine and Cheese follows 5 p.m. worship.
  • 9 a.m. Kids invited to leave their shoes under the giving tree and receive a special treat. 
  • Giving Tree unwrapped toys are due by Sunday the 8th.
  • Christmas costume shop for children will be open.Advent II

Advent III
  • Gaudete - weekend of rejoicing and Christ is coming near.  Wear pink or rose.
  • Learn more about Gaudete Sunday here. 
  • Get your flower memorial and thanksgiving donations in. Deadline is this week.
  • Christmas costume shop for children will be open

Advent IV
  • Come to worship this weekend as we make the final preparations in our hearts and in the chapel.  We will be welcoming many at Christmas and your service of hospitality and worship presence are very important.
  • Final Sunday for Christmas costume shop 
Christmas Eve
  • 4 p.m. Holy Eucharist with piano and carols. Well suited for families with young children. 
  • 6 p.m. Holy Eucharist with piano, cello and carols.
  • Children are encouraged to wear Christmas costumes at this family friendly service 
Christmas Day
  • 9 a.m. Holy Eucharist with piano and carols. 
First weekend of Christmas - December 28-29
  • Both services will have Christmas Lessons and Carols.
Feast of the Epiphany - January 5-6 
  • 5 p.m. worship followed by wine and cheese reception.
  • 9 a.m. worship followed by community potluck.

St. Nicholas Canticle
St. Nicholas, Bishop of Myra, is  venerated by all 
Christian denominations which venerate saints.
St. Nicholas, also called Nicholas of Bari or Nicholas of Myra, (4th century ; feast day December 6), is one of the most popular  saints   commemorated  in the Eastern and Western churches and now traditionally associated with the festival of  Christmas . In many countries children receive gifts on December 6,  St. Nicholas Day . In addition to being a patron saint of children, he is also known as a patron saint of Sacred Music.  British  composer Benjamin Britten wrote a formidable musical prayer in his honor, the St. Nicholas Canticle (Op. 42).  The following link provides a musical treat: a brief excerpt of this beautiful orchestral and choral composition.    LINK

-W E L L - B E I N G-
Growing into the full stature of Christ... - Ephesians 4

Sometimes wisdom's light comes in small doses,
as in poems, excerpts, or in sayings as the one below.


A film-based dialog on race and faith.  January - June, 2020
Pray about how matters of race impact your own faith and step onto Sacred Ground for the well-being of yourself and the world...
Discover more about Sacred Ground HERE and the Way of Love HERE
To express interest, ask questions, or take part, contact Lynn Carlson-Leblanc

A Note of 
Gratitude from Gabe

Hello Friends,

I have been journeying across the country for several days and will be arriving in California soon. In the spirit of the holiday and in response to your incredibly generous, spirit-filled, and loving send-off you gave me, I want to express my deep gratitude to you. I look forward now to getting the enews myself and seeing God's work unfold in the St. Mary's community! May the blessings of  grace, peace, and deeper love, unity, and service abound for you.

Bylaw updates

If you were at the last two Coffee and Conversations you were told that the bylaws are being updated, and have received a copy of the proposed updates. The process has taken several years and the proposed changes have been voted on by the vestry. Most of the changes are minor and are simply to be in conformance with changes to Canon law (the diocesan level bylaws that we are bound to follow). If you did not get a copy, and would like one, they are available in the office. Just stop by and grab one.
If you have any comments or questions please let me know by the 11 th of Dec so the vestry has time to consider any issues brought up with the proposed changes. The changes will be voted on at the annual meeting in Feb.
Dave Ferkinhoff


Our bishop will be visiting St. Mary's on February 23rd and will offer the rites of Confirmation, Reception, and Re-Affirmation for those who wish.
To express interest & learn about preparation, contact The Rev. Jennifer Pedrick


Sunday Classes for children will resume Sun. Dec. 8 at 10:30.
Adult classes resume on January 12

-S E R V I C E-
Let the greatest among you be the servant... - Matthew 23
Prayer Shawl Ministry

The St. Mary's Prayer Shawl Ministry delivered their annual hand made donations to the Martin Luther King Center for Santa's Workshop:   
 70 pairs mittens        11 baby blankets     54 adult & children's hats   
 1 children's hat/scarf set      2 scarves


   November and December donation focus is dental hygiene: tooth brushes, tooth paste, dental floss and mouth wash; Re. food items. stuffing/gravy/cranberry would be great as well.  MLKC is trying to focus on providing fresh produce over canned as often as possible. 

~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~~

The Giving Tree
will be located in the parish hall starting Saturday, November 23rd.  It will be decorated with approximately 100 colorful tags. Please take a tag (or two) and purchase a gift for a boy or girl as indicated on the tag.  The age of the child you are buying for is on the tag. If you would like to purchase a gift certificate instead of a toy, please feel free to do so. We are also collecting wrapping paper, tape and bows. You can leave those items under the tree with your donation.   Please take a mitten tag, purchase a gift and return it to the parish hall, unwrapped, no later than Sunday, December 8th.  If you have questions contact   Judy Hall .
~~ ~~
MLKC Advent "Trees of Light"
Non-perishable Food Drive
St. Mary's will again be collecting non-perishable food donations for the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center Food Pantry over the Advent Season.  Most needed items include canned protein--(tuna, chicken, hams, peanut butter), cereals, and vegetables. The pantry serves all in need all across Newport County.  This food drive begins at services during the 1st Sunday of Advent (November 30 / December 1). Members and friends of St. Mary's are asked to take a reusable St. Mary's tote bag with them after the services on November 30th and December 1st to bring food donations in to church during the Advent Season.  The donations will be placed on two "Trees of Light" (built by Dave Ferkinhoff's skillful hands) that will be placed in St. George's Chapel.  The food drive will end on the weekend before Epiphany (January 4 & 5).  All are  welcome to keep the tote bags after Advent!

If you would like to give Christmas Flowers in memory of a loved one or in thanksgiving for a blessing, please pick up a Christmas Flower envelope, available in the Gathering Space. Return it to the office by Sunday Dec. 15th. Please feel free to put them in the collection plate.
*Note:  To those kind enough to bring table cloths home to wash and fold, please bring them Back by Dec. 7th so they can be used for upcoming events. 
Susan Kelchen

New by-laws: 

Copies of the updated by-laws are available in the Parish House

If you have news or an announcement that you'd like to be added to this e-newsletter, please email
Submissions needed by Wednesdays to be added to the weekend e- news.

**Please Note:  As we are entering the season when common illnesses are more prevalent, if you are not feeling well, it may be helpful to abstain from the Cup during Holy Communion.

**Please Note:  For those who may be attending tomorrow's funeral, if walking allows, please part in the South lot near the old parish house to accommodate family and guest parking.

Sr. Warden: Murry Edwards:
Jr. Warden: Paul Westrom:
Treasurer: Chris Bartlett:  
Clerk: Mattie Gustafson:   
Member: Christine Winslow:
Member: David Brierley:   
Member: Peter Collins:     
Member: Trish Culver:      
Member: Dave Ferkinhoff:
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Member: Julie Zecher:      
Member: Michelle Freitas:
Rector: The Rev. Jennifer L. Pedrick
Parish Administrator:Karen Laroche
Pastoral Musician: Michael Templeton
Property Manager: Jon Walker
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Sunday 7 am to 12 pm; closed on Monday
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