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December  2018                                                                        Volume 14  Issue 9
Healthy Choices Grant Presentations

Velasquez Elementary, Lamar CISD

Upcoming Events

Get Ready for the 2019 Rodeo Contest!
Enter a Healthy Event for a chance to win 4 tickets plus parking pass to a concert of your choice.
Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo
                                February 25 - March 16, 2019

Texas Action for Healthy Kids Annual Summit
February 1, 2019  8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Region 20 Education Service Center
1314 Hines
San Antonio, Texas 78208


Teen Board Kudos

T een Board Member Chase Provo participated in the Aragon Middle School One-Act Play Tech Team and placed 1st in their zone. Congratulations Chase!!

Chase is pictured with Mrs. Alexander-Wilson,  his Drama/Theater teacher.

Teen Board Members volunteer at the 
Annual Hess Corporation Gingerbread Event December 1, 2018
Summer Brown, Mia Price, Alison Zhang, Zoe Price, Sasha Lobo are pictured with Randy Fournier, Manager of Global Dining and Food Safety at Hess Corporation.

Sasha Lobo and Summer Brown
Zoe and Mia Price, Alison Zhang
The teens with Santa
Teen Board Bowling Event December 2, 2018

         Meet the Oliver Teen Advisory Board.   The Oliver     
YEAH Teem Board Nov2010
Foundation Teen Advisory Board is a 12-18 member 
organization represented by students across the Houston area. 
Each month you'll meet a different member who will share their  perspective on living a healthy life.  

Anshumi Jhaveri, Co-Event Coordinator 
Dulles High School - Sugar Land , Texas 
Teen Board Member 2017- Present

Anshumi is a freshman at Dulles High School's Math and Science Academy where she is the freshman representative of her school. She debates for Dulles' varsity team and was a semi finalist and 2nd top speaker at debate nationals this past summer. Anshumi is a 9-year participant of Destination Imagination and has placed at the global finals twice with her team. She has been awarded the highest mark for dance from the World Music and Dance Association from the U.K. Her lifelong dream is to be a corporate lawyer and work for a major firm. Anshumi enjoys advocating for education and women's rights, reading, playing the piano and spending time with friends and family.

Health in the Holidays! 

It's that time where we're getting close to ending the year and along with this time comes some of our favorite times, the holidays. The holidays are notoriously known for being times to overindulge on our favorite foods & have a laid back break from all the work we do during the year. While it is great to have a break, we tend to forget how much staying fit and active during our break matters too. As a freshman in high school, I know how much I am looking forward to my break but I know how important it is to stay active during this time of the year. Here's some ways to stay healthy during the festive season! 
Firstly, don't sit down all day! I love all the holiday movies that come on television and I could stay watching the holiday movies on my sofa for hours but we have to remember how vital it is for us to stay active during this season. Get up and take a walk outside if your weather is nice enough! If not, do things around the house that can get you warmed up and get your blood pumping. Something I like to do in my house when it is too cold to go outside is climb my stairs up and down, and up and down again. It's a great way to get some daily exercise in without having to go too far from home! 
Second, don't overstuff yourself! Recent research shows that we consume around 3,000 calories in our Holiday Dinners and this is more than the recommended intake for a grown man for a whole day! Eat normal sized meals and then take a break in order to let your body digest your food properly, and then if you're still hungry, go for more food. It's important to know our limits and this is a practice I do when it comes to our Holiday Dinners because the after effects of over eating can lead to heartburn and severe indigestion. 
Lastly, don't stress too much. The holidays are a time to decompress and relax your body from everything you have been doing throughout the year. Don't overstress yourself with all the holiday preparations and realize that it's healthy to take a break and enjoy the break you get for your mind to get ready for the new year. Spend time with loved ones, and spend time doing the things that you love the most! Remember that a break should be the perfect balance of getting relaxation while staying healthy, and I encourage you to do that this joyful season! 
Anshumi Jhaveri
December 2018

Zoe Price
Co-Event Coordinator
YEAH Teem Board Nov2010

December Recipe

During the holiday season, I find it is easy to fill up on treats at the expense of eating my daily fruit and vegetable requirements. This breakfast smoothie helps me start my day off right, so I feel less guilty about the sugar cookies and hot chocolate that seem to be around every corner! This smoothie is perfect for the winter season, as it uses fresh spinach or kale, which is in-season and plentiful, and frozen tropical fruits, which are easy to find in the supermarket already chopped. I freeze over-ripe bananas, peeled, in a storage bag, so I always have frozen bananas on-hand.  Enjoy!
Green Smoothie

1 cup spinach or kale
1 cup water
1/2 cup frozen mango chunks
1/2 cup frozen pineapple chunks
1 frozen banana

Place the spinach in a blender with the water.  Blend until smooth.  Add all of the frozen fruit and blend again, until smooth. 

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