Dear Viewer,

This Sunday's message is entitled, Defeating A Troubled Heart. While this message has been planned for over a month, I can't think of one that is more vital than this one for us as a church this week. I know your hearts are hurting with mine with the death of one of our church fathers, Keith Meinen, on Monday. Keith has been such a blessing to this church working as a volunteer, serving on the Board of Directors, and helping so many people behind the scenes. He has been a real blessing to me personally, sending me e-mails every week about how much he was enjoying worship (and how much he missed being able to gather in the sanctuary)! He will truly be missed.

On top of that, we hear that Covid-19 is on the rise again here in Los Angeles, and indeed, all over the world. PLEASE, PLEASE take care of yourselves. I want you all safe and sound. Please don't let your guard down. Be vigilant at staying home as much as possible; wash your hands often, and keep doing what has been working.

To add to that, we still have the chaos of the election going on. Let's continue to pray that the vote counts will be resolved soon and we can move forward with whatever those results bring.

On another note, we have our Fall Congregational Meeting this Sunday. Please make sure you have a Zoom account set up, and you can see the link right in this e-mail. You'll just click on the link, and it will take you directly to our meeting. This will be different, unlike any we've had.'s 2020, so we're used to having to do things differently, huh?

If you'd like to read the encouraging scriptures for this Sunday, check out Philippians 4:6-7 (Amplified) and John 14:25-29 (The Voice). God bless you all.

Pastor Keith
Founder's Metropolitan Community Church Announcements for the week of 11-13-20!
In Memoriam - Keith Meinen 
It is with deep sadness we share of the death of Keith Meinen. Keith is a long-time member of FMCC/MCCLA. He has served the church in several capacities, including Board of Directors and Office Volunteer. He was dedicated to his God, his church, and his friends. While he had little to say, he was always excited about worship. His last conversation with Pastor Keith was how much he missed being IN church with his church family. Per his request, we will not have a formal service at this time. We will schedule something informally in the next few weeks.
Membership Inquirer's Class 
THIS Saturday, Nov. 14, Rev. Steve Swafford will teach a Membership Inquirer's Class on Zoom at 3:00 p.m. (PST). If you are thinking of joining our church, now is the time to come to a class to learn more about our church and our denomination. We will offer membership as well as transfer of membership on Sunday, Nov. 15 during worship. (Note: Attending the class does not obligate you to join; however, the class IS required before becoming a member.) Here is the link for the class:

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 992 5430 6342
Passcode: 794895
Congregational Meeting - This Sunday! 11:45 a.m.
We will hold our VIRTUAL Congregational Meeting THIS Sunday, November 15th after worship at 11:45 a.m.. 
If you do not have a Zoom account, PLEASE download this FREE service before Sunday. If you already have a Zoom account, PLEASE UPDATE it before Sunday. We will elect two Board Members and two Lay Delegates, vote on a by-law change, and receive reports from Team Leaders. The applications and reports are available to review on our website. You can join the meeting by clicking on this link:
Thanksgiving Volunteer Opportunity
Founders MCC Volunteers are needed to deliver Thanksgiving meals to Seniors for the Los Angeles LGBT Center. They need people to work in pairs (one to drive, one to deliver). The registration link is in the church bulletin and the church e-news.
Proposed Virtual Congregational Meeting Bylaws Amendments
Update from Founders Board of Directors – November 11, 2020

Dear Founders Church Community and Family:

There were two suggestions that the Board of Directors received at the Congregational Forum held last Sunday, November 8 to change the proposed bylaw amendment and reconsider the decision to permanently layoff the worship band members, effective December 31, 2020. The Board met by Zoom on Tuesday, November 10 to address these two recommendations.

First, the Board split the previous proposed bylaw amendment into two amendments; one for the Congregational meetings and one for Board of Director meetings. The proposed amendments are at the conclusion of this announcement and will be considered in the Congregational Meeting to be held November 15, 2020 at 11:45 a.m.

Second, the Board reconsidered the decision to balance the proposed budget in part by permanently laying off our worship band. This was not an easy discussion as it involved changes affecting loved and respected members of our church family. The Board decided not to make a change to the proposed budget for the following reasons:

1.   The projected budget shortfall of $80,000 for 2021 is significant with the need for reductions in expenses due mainly to the decrease in rental revenue for the church brought about by meeting restrictions imposed in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The anticipated annual savings from this decision is $19,240.
2.   This is a time of great financial uncertainty for the church, especially for the coming year. The budget is based on the overly optimistic estimates for revenue with a 20% increase in general offerings and rental revenue resuming June 1, 2021. These are not guaranteed to take place. The decision to make this a permanent layoff was made so that band members could seek other sources of income or employment to support themselves as many others in our congregation have had to do during these difficult times.
3.   The church originally agreed to give our musicians a two-week notice if we could no longer support them when the meeting restrictions started in March of this year. During the last eight months, the church has supported them. We originally anticipated that the Payroll Protection Program fund would cover these costs, but the grant did not cover them. The plan for this reduction gives the worship band a nearly two-month notice of change in their anticipated income with support continuing through December 2020.
While this was a difficult decision, the Board made the decision mindful of their responsibility to faithfully manage the financial affairs of the church, believing that God will bless this decision.

Proposed Virtual Meeting Amendment for Congregational Meetings


Article V – Congregational Meetings

A. Time and Place – Two Congregational meetings will be held annually, one in the Spring and the other in the Fall. The Spring meeting will focus on elections and the Fall Meeting will focus on the next year’s Budget and Ministry Plan. Other items may be added to either Agenda at the discretion of the Board of Directors or as outlined in Article V.F.2.

A. Time and Place – Two Congregational meetings will be held annually, one in the Spring and the other in the Fall. The Spring meeting will focus on elections and the Fall Meeting will focus on the next year’s Budget and Ministry Plan. Other items may be added to either Agenda at the discretion of the Board of Directors or as outlined in Article V.F.2. The Congregational Meeting may be held virtually, by telephone conference call, or other electronic means of communication in which all participants can communicate with each other at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Virtual Meeting Amendment for Board of Directors:


Article VI. Local Church Administrative Body

F. Meetings - The Board of Directors shall meet at least once a month no fewer than
ten (10) times a year. Except for executive sessions, meetings shall be open to the Congregation and to the public to attend without vote.
F. Meetings - The Board of Directors shall meet at least once a month for no fewer than ten (10) months a year. The Board of Directors and any committee of the church may meet virtually, by telephone conference call, or other electronic means of communication in which all participants can communicate with each other. Except for executive sessions, meetings shall be open to the Congregation and to the public to attend without vote.
From Rev. Tim Hamilton: COVID Bereavement Groups
Kaiser Permanente has established some Covid specific bereavement groups that are open to the public. A person does not need to be a member of Kaiser Permanente to attend these call in groups, and these are provided at no cost. If you know anyone that might benefit, and has experienced the death of a loved one due to Covid, feel free to pass on this info.
Tuesday - Evening Vespers at 6:00 p.m. on Facebook Live.
Wednesday - Bible Study at 7:30 p.m. on Facebook Live.
Thursday - Pastor Pop-up at 6:00 p.m. on Zoom.
Friday - Evening Vespers at 6:00 p.m. on Facebook Live
Hospitality - online - after worship!
Don't forget that we have a time of Hospitality after worship each Sunday. The link is at the top of the first page of our website. Come and have some fun with your church family!
Tithes & Offerings
Tithes and General Offerings: $4,473.94 for 11/08/20

(Paypal, Credit Cards, Checks, in person giving)

Designated Funds Income:

Building Fund: $127.00
Broadcast/Online/TV $2,250.00

Designated Fund Grand Total: $2,377.00

Grand Total of all Income: $6,850.94

Thank you to all who have given so generously through our online giving portal. Our church cannot function without your generosity!! Feel free to continue giving through our website (on PayPal) or simply sending a check in the mail (4607 Prospect Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90027). Again, thank you.
September Meeting Report

At the monthly meeting, the Commission received a briefing from Rev. Elder Ines-Paul Baumann, who is on intern placement with MCC as part of his studies for a B. A. in Gender and Diversity, at the Faculty Society and Economics (Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences, Kleve/Germany). Rev. Elder Ines-Paul has reviewed previous reports, studies, documents and briefings which were provided to MCC leadership. His presentation provided a framework for reviewing and discussing those reports and documents which included recommendations for racial and international equity and improvements. 

As a part of our foundational work, MCC Staff, the Pathways Commission, and the Governing Board planned to participate in a day long anti-racism training facilitated by the Washington Consulting Group. The intention was to set the tone and common foundation for the continued work. More will be shared about this training in our next update.

The Commissioners have divided into 2 sub-teams to be able to focus more intensely on specific areas of concern. Rev. Dr. Roland Stringfellow will lead the team working on organizational change. Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston will lead the team working on personal pathways to healing. As Co-Chairs, they will be members of both groups. 

In support of this important work, financial resources from the “Still Giving” fundraising campaign will be used for anti-racism training, education and action. This campaign was implemented to celebrate the birthdays of Rev. Elder Troy Perry and Rev Elder Nancy Wilson. aign.html?soid=1101747410130&aid=AEbNF6gbVLw] 

To continue this Commission’s communication with the global MCC, a web page has been established so that others may be updated on the work. Please visit the site frequently to see the latest updates. 

As you read about the Commission and the Terms of Reference, please hold the Commissioners and the denomination in your prayers.
In partnership and ministry,

Rev. Dr. Roland Stringfellow, MCC Detroit, USA (Co-Chair)
Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston, Moderator UFMCC (Co-Chair)
Rev. Cathy Alexander, MCC Staff
Ms. Clare Coughlin, Governing Board UFMCC
Rev. Jakob Hero-Shaw, MCC Tampa, USA
Mr. Richard Norman, Good Hope MCC, South Africa
Ms. Ivana Warwick, ICM Sao Paulo, Brazil
Ms. Coralis Weston, Vision of Hope MCC, USA
General Conference 2022 A New Kind of Conference

Join us! 4-8 July 2022

We are planning a multi-site experience for General Conference with one main host site in the USA and other mini-sites around the world. We are grateful for this opportunity to innovate and grateful to have some really fabulous people who are ready to take on such an imaginative project.

That said, we are excited to announce that our main host location will be the beautiful city of Austin in the State of Texas, USA! Austin is the home of the Southern music scene and has a vibrant culture perfect for us. It is also the home to upRising - a church without walls, our MCC host church, and neighbor to Sanctuary in the Woods.

We are calling our next conference Austin + (plus) to reflect our main site in Austin and our satellite conferences elsewhere. We invite you to take part in this historic conference and make plans to join us 4-8 July 2022!

As we are in the midst of a pandemic, we also have many questions about how the pandemic might affect General Conference. We will continue to think through many plans to ensure conference will be a time of hope, celebration, and momentum in whatever shape or shapes it takes on!

Why are we still going to Austin? Before our last conference in Orlando, we signed a contract with the brand new Fairmont Austin. Since, we have been working with the hotel to reduce our commitment in support of the many voices at General Conference 2019 who were seeking a new way for the business of MCC and our global gathering to be shaped. In addition, a Commission on General Conference has been established that will look at what we can do to systemically change beyond 2022. Learn more about the Commission here.

At this point in our planning, we have more questions than answers and invite you to get involved!
Get Involved!
We are beginning to think about our teams for General Conference 2022, so if you are interested in serving with us as we experiment, innovate, and build an exciting, engaging global gathering, let us know!

Send an email to and we will schedule a time to talk with you to mutually discern a great fit on the right team.
Start Budgeting
As you begin planning your 2021 and 2022 budgets, we want to give you some projections of costs for this conference. We recommend that you budget two thirds of your anticipated conference costs in your 2021 budget and one third in your 2022 budget. 

Because life is so uncertain right now, we will not be opening up registration in January 2021 as we usually do. Instead registration will open in July of 2021, a year before the next scheduled General Conference to be held 5-8 July 2022.  

We anticipate the Promo Rate to be (starting July 2021): 
US/Canada: $350
Europe, Australia, New Zealand: $275
Ibero-America, Eastern Europe: $175
Africa, Caribbean, Asia, India: $45

Regular rate (after August of 2021): 
US/Canada: $450
Europe, Australia, New Zealand: $300
Ibero-America, Eastern Europe: $200
Africa, Caribbean, Asia, India: $50

We will have satellite rates, day rates, online-only rates, volunteer rates etc., but it’s simply too early to project those right now in our current situation. 

We will be staying at the fabulous, brand-new Fairmont Austin where the room rate is $169/night plus a 15% tax (don't forget to use your tax exempt status to not pay this!)

Please note that everything is subject to change because of COVID. This brief announcement is just to help as you estimate your costs and plan your budgets.
Stay in Contact With Us:
Remember Your Pastor(s) and Staff

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone! Pastors have been trying to balance the need to keep everyone safe and healthy with the desired benefits of in-person gatherings. Many Pastors have had to learn to do worship differently including learning or sharpening technology skills! They have done their best to provide congregants with spiritual nurture and ways to connect virtually. Wouldn't you agree that they have worked hard?

This is the one time of year for Boards or Boards and Lay Delegates or other key lay leaders to meet without the Pastor. This is the time of year to consider a Christmas gift for your Pastor(s) and any Staff.

October is Pastor Appreciation Month so encourage your congregation to send notes of appreciation and encouragement to your Pastor(s) now.
With concerns about voter suppression and intimidation, a number of states and cities are asking clergy to be present at polling places as witnesses to help counter voter intimidation. We want to encourage clergy and churches in the USA to check with local leaders to find out how they may be of assistance. This is in alignment with MCC's core value of Justice. We are called to work for Justice for all people.

Remember that protecting the freedom to participate by voting is non-partisan and is not a violation of our charitable status. Any support of a specific candidate or in opposition to a specific candidate must be done as an individual and not in the name of the church.

Encourage your members to VOTE!

Be involved. Be watchful. Be careful.
Announcing the Commission on
General Conference!
Your copy should address 3 key questions: Who am I writing for? (Audience) Why should they care? (Benefit) What do I want them to do here? (Call-to-Action)

Create a great offer by adding words like "free" "personalized" "complimentary" or "customized." A sense of urgency often helps readers take an action, so think about inserting phrases like "for a limited time only" or "only 7 remaining!"
The Governing Board of Metropolitan Community Churches is excited to announce the creation of The General Conference Commission!

MCC General Conferences typically occur every three years and they are a time for our global family to gather, worship, create, learn, and plan. Every General Conference has been special and some have been extra memorable. 
Thanks to MCC leadership we have all been gifted some time to look at how we ‘do’ General Conference. We have been blessed with a team of volunteers who will work with MCC communities and individuals around the world to ponder:

  • What are the main goals General Conference should accomplish?
  • Does General Conference give people a sense of unity and direction?
  • How should the business of MCC be conducted?
  • How can we best meet the physical and financial needs of conference attendees given shifting demographics?
  • How do networks, affinity group meetings etc., fit into the conference structure?
  • Are there innovative ways we can seek to build new partnerships when planning conferences, network gatherings, affinity group meetings, skills-based learning etc.
  • With technology changing rapidly making meaningful connections more accessible and equitable, can we imagine new ways of conducting conferences or meetings around the world?

2020 is the perfect time to be having these conversations as, due to COVID-19, we are all evaluating how we gather and learning new ways of ‘being the church’ so we look forward to gathering your thoughts in the coming year and a half.

This Commission is charged with examining how our General Conference is structured and will make recommendations for any conferences after the 2022 General Conference.

Get Involved: Let's Dream Together!

Because of the scope of this Commission's assignment, we will be relying on gathering ideas, comments, and thoughts from our global community! To start, you are invited to participate in our first opportunity for feedback as we begin wresting with the purpose of General Conference.

In each Dream Session, we will meet in small breakout groups to discuss the purpose, meaning, and big questions we need to ask when it comes to gathering.

Select a Dream Session that fits your schedule and language. Sign up here.
Dream Session Times:
Note: Primary language is the first listed
All sessions will be 90 minutes

Wednesday 11 November: English, Tagalog
6:30pm AEDT / 7:30am GMT / 2:30am EST

Tuesday 17 November: English, Spanish
8:00pm EST / 5:00pm PST / 1:00am GMT (Wednesday)

Thursday 19 November: Spanish, English
8:00pm EST / 5:00pm PST / 1:00am GMT (Friday)

Friday 20 November: English, German (others upon request)
7:00pm CET / 6:00pm GMT / 1:00pm EST

Saturday 21 November: Portuguese, English
7:00pm BRT / 10:00pm GMT / 5:00pm EST

Monday 23 November: English, Spanish
10:00pm EST / 7:00pm PST / 3:00am GMT (Tuesday)
Meet the Team!
(Photo taken from birthday celebration during a meeting)

Rev. Brendan Boone
Daytona Beach, Florida, USA

Dr. Al Chapman
Northern Lights MCC, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston
MCC Moderator, Portishead, United Kingdom

Rev. Elder Héctor Gutiérrez
UFMCC Staff, Guadalajara, Mexico

Mr. Chad Hobbs
UFMCC Governing Board Treasurer/MCC Tampa, USA

Ms. Jude Litzenberger
UFMCC Network Facilitator/The Met, San Diego, California, USA

Rev. Paul Whiting
Governing Board UFMCC/Pastor MCC Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Rev. Emily Worman
Pastor Church in Progress MCC, Auckland, New Zealand

Rev. Lauren Bennett (Co-Chair)
UFMCC Staff/Associate Pastor MCC Greater St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Mr. Mike Haase (Co-Chair)
UFMCC Staff/Minister of Music All God's Children MCC Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

In Mexico the last days of September and the first ones of October bring recurrent painful memories. We turn in our hearts to the faces of the hundreds of people we need again: women, children, students, migrants and trans. The 43 student teachers of Ayotzinapa, who disappeared more than 6 years ago come to our memory. We remember again the massacre in the Plaza de Tlatelolco perpetrated on October 2, 1968.

Let us light a candle and place some Cempaxúchitl flowers (marigolds) on our altar as we entrust ourselves to Tonantzin Guadalupe. Mexican popular spirituality assures that both flowers and light are elements by which the dead and disappeared return home. With Tonantzin Guadalupe, we are in tune with the experience of mothers, grandmothers, brothers and fathers desperately searching, without finding, their missing children and relatives. Thus, the student teachers of Ayotzinapa and the thousands of people missing pass through our hearts.

Tonantzin Guadalupe is a sign of spirituality and a search for justice. She is a witness of an ever-living spirituality in which the mother of Jesus accompanies us. She welcomes us, for she knows the reality of living with indolent authorities. She cries beside us, for she knows the meaning of suffering for a murdered son, of having his body missing. Today we pray to Tonantzin Guadalupe, a companion in the pain. We approach her so that we can live a faith that seeks for all of us to receive worthy treatment. Through the candle and the flower we hope that those who we miss will arrive safely home.


Pastoral Leader at ICM Libres por Amor
Puebla, México
Founder's Metropolitan Community Church Board Of Directors
Rev. Keith Mozingo (Moderator)

Dean Coffey (Vice Moderator)

Oyie Esguerra (Treasurer)

Jenni Nichols (Clerk)

Antonio Martinez (Member)

Bob Stayton (Member)

Dave Crocker (Member)

Founder's Metropolitan Community Church Address And Contact Info:

4607 Prospect Ave, Los Angeles CA 90027 | 323-669-3434