Volume 4 | August 2018
Message from the Executive Director
It is hard to believe that local schools are back in session and autumn is around the corner. For those with children, I hope it has been a smooth transition from summer to school!

For this edition of the newsletter, I want to give a shout out to the men and women of the Denver Sheriff Department - both the law enforcement deputies and the civilians. They work hard to support the safety and security of Denver’s jails and to help individuals succeed when they re-enter the community following incarceration. It is a tough and noble service that is vital to the well-being of our community.
As many of you know, DSD has been engaged in a multi-year reform effort that has resulted in the implementation of nearly 400 recommendations for improvement. This required significant coordination and steadfast dedication. I would like to recognize everyone involved in this important work.  

On Monday, August 27, the Mayor and I will join Sheriff Firman in publicly thanking the Sheriff Department, community members, and criminal justice stakeholders who participated in the reform effort. The Sheriff will also present the department’s Beyond Reform report and discuss how his team plans to transition from reform into constant process improvement. It is an impressive plan that will further elevate the services the department provides. 

Speaking of impressed, as I reviewed the content for this month’s newsletter, I am struck by how often our team goes above and beyond. Whether it be responding to an emergency, purchasing items for someone in need or helping someone find their way back home, our colleagues go above and beyond to make a difference in the community every day. 

It is truly my honor to serve alongside each and every one of you. 

May God bless and keep you safe,

Charlotte Stephens honored by the Gang Rescue and Support Project 
The Gang Rescue and Support Project (GRASP) honored Charlotte Stephens, Director of Public Safety Youth Programs, at their 10 th Annual Peace March on August 11 in northeast Denver.

The Peace March is a fundraiser that brings together community members and service organizations aimed at helping young people who are either considered at risk for gang involvement or who are presently active in gangs. GRASP is a peer run, intervention program that works with youth and their families to make positive change. 
DPD Officers Help Missing Man Find His Way Home 
Pictured above: Co-Responder Charliegh Sailon; Off. Donald "Corky" Reed; PRT Bruce Brown; Off. Nicholas Rocco-McKeel; Off. Steve
Hammack; Lt. Ken Chavez
Sometimes it takes a village and the officers and civilian staff at District 6 came together in a big way to help an elderly gentleman named Bill find his way home. 

In early August, Bill walked into District 6, requesting help in finding his car. Technician Bruce Brown and Officers Nicholas Rocco-McKeel and Don Reed worked with him over the course of two days to find his missing car. During the process, staff also found out Bill suffered from memory issues and had been reported missing by his wife in Texas. Once his car was located, Bill was transported to the hospital for evaluation. Clinician Danielle Spratt and Officer Steve Hammack stayed with Bill while he was in the hospital and worked with Victim Services to facilitate his return trip home. 

Officer Hammack drove Bill to the airport once he was released from the hospital and coordinated with Lieutenant Ken Smith and Officer Doug Savage at the airport to ensure Bill made it through security and boarded the plane back to Texas. 

This situation is an outstanding example of DPD officers’ compassion and teamwork. Nice work team!
Quick Thinking 911 Dispatcher Saves Lakewood Officer 
Erica Limon, a police dispatcher in the Denver 911 Communications Center and a certified EMT, was on her way home earlier this month when she encountered a crash between a police motorcycle and a truck at Wadsworth and Colfax.
Erica pulled over and ran to the crash site where she came upon Lakewood Police Officer Mark O’Donnell, who was seriously injured. She grabbed the officer’s radio and called for assistance, giving an exact location and a brief synopsis of the situation.

 JeffCOM, who dispatches for Lakewood PD, had received several calls about the crash, but none of the callers were able to clearly articulate the location. Once Erica got on the air, they had the information they needed to send emergency response units to the scene. Erica stayed with Officer O’Donnell until EMS arrived, ensuring he was not moved and keeping him alert. 

Erica had the opportunity to visit with Officer O’Donnell last week and he was able to thank her for her quick thinking and life-saving actions. Thank you Erica! We’re proud to have you as a part of the Public Safety family.
Denver Fire Hosts Burn Survivors from Russia 
DFD hosted five young Russian burn survivors at their annual Colorado burn camp. They arrived earlier this month with two chaperones from Moscow Children’s Hospital. 

Firefighters Dennis Avilov, Igor Kasyanchik and Paulette Diaz hosted the children and treated them to a weekend of Colorado hospitality. Also contributing to the camp experience for these extraordinary young people were Firefighters Joe Brooks, Julio Luna and retired Firefighter Roy Gelbhaus and his wife, who made stuffed bears for the campers. 
Public Safety Cadet Martin Steps Up 
Cadet Program Manager Austin Hartman and Cadet Jesse Martin attended a military veteran recruitment event at a VFW post in Arvada in late July. As they walked in to the event, they heard that an older gentleman in attendance thought he was having a stroke.
Cadet Martin - a certified EMT - immediately responded by taking the gentleman’s vital signs and performed a CPSS (Cincinnati Prehospital Stroke Scale). Once the Arvada EMS arrived on scene, Cadet Martin completed a patient hand off to the paramedics. 

Fortunately, the 86-year old man was not having a stroke; dehydration and an empty stomach turned out to be the culprits.  

This is a great example of the professionalism of Cadet Martin and how our Public Safety Cadets make a difference in the community. Cadet Martin completed the Cadet Program earlier this month and has applied to the Denver Police Academy. Good luck Cadet Martin!
Five Denver Police Officers Recognized for Acts of Kindness from Citizens Appreciate Police 
** This story is being re-run as Officer Lee was inadvertently left out of last month’s article**

On July 11, the non-profit, Citizens Appreciate Police (CAP), recognized five DPD officers who have gone above and beyond for the communities they serve. 

Officer Gregory Lee responded to a call of theft from a motor vehicle in August 2017. When Officer Lee responded, the vehicle owner reported that a gas can and jumper cables had been stolen from his truck. The vehicle owner ultimately declined to file a report, but Officer Lee wanted to help. He went to a nearby auto parts store and replaced the stolen items, using his own money. The auto parts cashier was touched by the officer’s actions and nominated him for a CAPS award, saying Officer Lee is a “true model for (the) Denver Police Department.”

Officer Jerami Chavez was dispatched to a report of suspicious items in December 2017 and found a single mother who received a package filled with soiled and damaged items at a local toy drive. She was very upset as her funds were limited and those were the only gifts she had for her son. A son of a single mother himself, Officer Chavez understood how challenging the holiday could be, and using his own funds, went out and purchased gifts for both mother and son, hoping to brighten their holiday.

Officers Sean Cronin and Matt Dane were dispatched on a welfare check for an elderly gentleman. During the conversation, they found out that not only was he was suffering from severe depression and other health issues, but he is also a proud Vietnam veteran, having served as a combat medic. Before being transported, he also expressed concern about the state of his lawn. The officers decided to help and borrowed a lawn mower to cut the grass. Officer Dane even enlisted the help of a landscaper to do additional yard work, at his own expense. The officers also purchased a new flag for the gentleman. 

Officer Monica DeOssie lives across the street from an elderly woman who lost her husband in 2016. She has no family in Colorado and Officer De Ossie and her wife unofficially “adopted” the neighbor, helping her with chores and even some modifications to her home to allow her to continue living on her own. They also take her on outings and include her in all their family events. She stated in the nomination - “I don’t know what I’d do without these girls!”

These officers embody the spirit of public service and have demonstrated that to them, it’s more than just a job. We applaud their efforts to make a difference in the lives of the community they serve. 
Denver Police Promotes 14 Officers  
Congratulations to all the new DPD leaders promoted August 10. We wish you much success in your new roles!

  • Deputy Chief Barbara Archer
  • Division Chief Joseph Montoya
  • Division Chief Ron Thomas
  • Division Chief Ronald Saunier
  • Commander Kathleen Bancroft
  • Commander Mark Chuck
  • Commander Aaron Sanchez
  • Lieutenant Glenn West 
  • Lieutenant Layla DeStaffany
  • Lieutenant Andrew Clarry
  • Sergeant Marcus Vigil
  • Sergeant Jesse Campion
  • Sergeant Adam Rives
  • Sergeant Aaron Kafer
DSD Welcomes Six New Security Specialists 
Six new security specialists joined the Public Safety family in August. The security specialists are the eyes and ears of the DSD facilities, keeping watch over all the activities that occur in and around the jails and courthouse. Congratulations to Riley Boston, Stephanie Chukwuma, Luke Farquhar, Yaw Kyeremeh-Dapaah, Rena Murillo and Sedin Omeragic. We look forward to working with you!
Cadets Earn Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Certifications 
Congratulations to Cadet Kyle Lally and Cadet Matt Meyer for completing their EMT certifications with the Denver Health Paramedic Division in August. 

EMT training consists of over 200 hours of classroom learning and skills training. Skills training includes ride alongs with Denver Paramedics, where EMT students are exposed to a wide variety of clinical situations and at least one full shift in the Denver Health Emergency Department, one of the busiest in the region. Great work! 
National Night Out, Denver Days and Cookout with the Cops 
August was a busy month as Public Safety representatives were out and about in the Denver community celebrating National Night Out, Denver Days and the annual Cookout with the Cops. 
You Have Questions, We Have Answers
We have been getting some questions sent to us when we distribute the newsletter and are adding a section to provide answers. This month’s question was addressed to Executive Director Riggs and asked why we are holding monthly media briefings.

The reason behind the monthly briefings is to build stronger working relationships with the local reporters who cover safety in Denver. Executive Director Riggs strives to be open and transparent with the public, the media and the Department of Public Safety staff, highlighting the positive work being done and addressing the challenging issues head on.

As public servants, we are all accountable to the citizens of Denver and members of the media help us communicate with that audience. If you have suggestions about topics that you think should be addressed in a future briefing, please send an email to publicsafety@denvergov.org .

Some of the coverage from August’s media briefing:

Wellness Corner: Brain Health
Eat right, get quality sleep, exercise – we’ve all been told these are key to maintaining our physical health as we age. Did you know it’s important to exercise our brains as well? As we age, our brains find it more difficult to process the information transmitted by our eyes, ears and other body parts. Just like regular exercise helps to keep our bodies strong, building a strong brain will help keep it in top shape and potentially reduce the risks of vascular dementia, one of the more common memory-related conditions that appears in older adults. Studies also show that engaging your brain can help clear the negative effects of stress, fatigue and brain injury to increase your memory and work performance. Learn more here .

So, how can you train your brain? It’s easier than you think. Activities that combine visual and motor skills help you exercise your brain, as does building and maintaining a strong supportive network of friends and family. You can also play “brain games” tailored to get (and keep!) your brain in top shape.

The City has partnered with MyBrainSolutions , which is offered at no charge to all city employees. All you need is your email address and employee ID to create your account. 
Our Safety Newsletter will be distributed monthly. If you have something you’d like to include in a future issue, please send an email to PublicSafety@denvergov.org .  

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