Volume 9 | July 2019
Message from the Executive Director
While it seemed to take a little longer than usual, summer is finally here. And the arrival of summer means busy times for the Public Safety Department. Thank you to everyone who is working long hours to ensure residents and visitors are able to safely enjoy all that Denver has to offer.

We've had a busy few months in Public Safety, with the grand opening of the new 9-1-1 Combined Communications Center and Denver Fire Station 39, not to mention a number of graduations, promotions and awards ceremonies. I am very proud of all of these accomplishments and the following pages include more details on each of these important milestones. Mayor Hancock's investment in public safety continues as we begin planning for new police stations in Districts 5 and 6.

Many have asked about my speech given during Police Week at the Fallen Officer Memorial. Mayor Hancock, Chief Pazen and I suggested that we start a new tradition to pause and reflect at the memorial. These brave men and women made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty and I think a great way to honor them is by simply pausing and reading the names listed on the memorial when you pass by. This will ensure they are never forgotten and their loved ones can take comfort in the fact that they are being recognized and honored regularly.

Let's also remember to honor those who work alongside you on a daily basis. Serving in Public Safety can be highly rewarding, but also highly stressful at the same time. I know we addressed it in the last newsletter, but I'd like to remind you again to look out for each other. Since I joined the department, we've lost seven colleagues to suicide. It is a growing trend across the nation and we need to come together as a public safety family to figure out how we can better support each other. We have resources in place, but as I posed to my team last month, what more can we be doing? I have tasked Emily Lauck and Rene Macias in my office to take a close look at what all our departments are doing and to develop action plans for the future. We are open to suggestions, so if you have any ideas, please pass them along to Emily and Rene.

In the past few months, I have had the opportunity to visit with the recruit classes for our sworn agencies, attend various roll calls and participate in some training exercises, and I am looking forward to upcoming scheduled visits. If you would like me to visit a roll call and/or an event, please send an email request to Elexes Storie .

May God bless you and keep you safe.

New Public Safety Youth Programs Director – Pat Hedrick
Pat Hedrick recently accepted the role of Director for Public Safety Youth Programs. Pat, who was previously the deputy director under Charlotte Stephens, assumed his new role on June 10. After a long career with Public Safety, Charlotte retired in May.

Pat has been with Youth Programs for 19 years and, in that time, led the development and implementation of multi-year strategies to further the goals and objectives of the department. He has worked with city, state and community-based organizations to expand prevention and intervention services for youth including Municipal Juvenile Diversion, Denver Juvenile Services Center and GRID.

Please congratulate Pat on this well-deserved promotion!
Budget Season is Officially Underway
Many of you have heard about budget conversations taking place across the city. Rest assured, Denver’s revenues are still growing, but this year's growth in our sales and use tax collections has slowed a bit compared to the previous three years. In the first four months of 2019, Denver’s sales and use tax revenues, which make up 50 percent of the General Fund, grew by 3 percent – 2.5 percent lower than the forecasted rate.
There is not cause for alarm, according to the city’s chief financial officer Brendan Hanlon, as the city is still growing and has the revenues to support balanced 2019 and 2020 budgets.

In light of slower revenue growth and future growth uncertainty, the Department of Finance is acting now to implement a strategic financial management plan for the remaining 2019 budget and to guide the 2020 budget process. Departments and agencies are closely monitoring their spending and evaluating options for potential budget savings for both budget years. Hanlon explained that when starting from a balanced budget position, like we are in 2020, any growth, even necessary increases that help us keep pace with the demands of a growing city, must be offset with other savings. 

By acting early, the city can continue providing the highest standards of customer experience and also fulfill our commitments to the community.
Denver Fire Hosts 4th Annual Career Exploration Camps
Denver Fire hosted their annual career exploration camps last month. Young adults in 5th through 9th grades participate in the camps to learn, experience and recognize the possibilities of a future career as a first responder. 

Approximately 75 campers attended the two camps this year, experiencing hands-on simulated emergency fire and rescue situations, as well as earning certificates in first-aid and CPR. It is the mission of the instructors to teach team building and leadership skills along with valuable life lessons, all while having fun! 

Campers are able to participate at no cost thanks to the generous support of the Denver Office of Children’s Affairs, the Denver Fire Foundation and the Hartford.
DSD Chief Elias Diggins Elected President of the American Jail Association
DSD Chief of Operations, Elias Diggins, has been elected president of the American Jail Association (AJA), a national non-profit organization that supports the professionals who operate national jails. The AJA Board of Directors sets policies for the AJA and rely on elected officials, staff and committees to develop and implement those policies.

Chief Diggins, who has been with DSD for 25 years, will serve as AJA’s president for the 2019-2020 term. One of his major priorities as president is gender equity in jails across America. He has challenged every sheriff, director of corrections and jail administrator in America to create a gender equity committee in their departments to focus on the topic as it relates to staff, inmates and the community.

View his speech at the 38 th Annual Conference and Jail Expo here .

Congratulations Chief Diggins!
Public Safety Staff Recognized with 5281 Awards
The annual 5281 Awards recognize individual employees and teams that go above and beyond expectations and exemplify the city’s STARS values of service, teamwork, accountability, respect, safety and sustainability. City employees are nominated by department leaders. This year, Public Safety staff were recognized in two categories.

The Public Safety Youth Programs Youth Detention Continuum (YDC) was nominated by Dr. Rose Ediger and Omar Martinez for the Teamwork category.

YDC works to reduce over-reliance on detention and commitment for young people in trouble with the law. Detention and commitment are traumatic events, and the longer a youth is detained, the more difficult it becomes to support young people in the quest to become a constructive member of the community.

Each member of the Denver Youth Detention Continuum (YDC) is passionate about the youth and families with whom they work and they work together to do the best they can do for the youth and families. The work they do keeps youth at home, in school and in the community while ensuring community members are safe. YDC includes Leticia Lomeli-Mendoza , Maria De Jesus Solis , Katherine Nguyen , Kathryne Fillion , Deborah Gibbs , John Tucker , Bishop Robinson , Nellie Dominguez , Garrett Harder , Emily Kyler and Aneeta Smith .

Cindy Snyder works with the Denver Sheriff Department and was nominated by Kornattha Henry for the Accountability category.

Cindy created and maintains the Internal Affairs Bureau (IAB) cases tracker using the professional standards software solution created by CI Technologies. She created an IAB dashboard to perform data analysis with visualization, which contains 43 tabs, eight IA Pro reports and four trackers with 74 formulas. She also created training modules and provided technical training for all IAB investigators, IAB civilian staff, human resources and employees new to her department.

Congratulations to Cindy and all the members of the YDC! We are proud to work with you.  
Department of Public Safety
Graduations and Promotions
DPD, DFD and DSD all celebrated graduations and DPD and DFD also celebrated promotions this spring. Congratulations to all for your hard work and dedication to the Denver community!
DPD Recruit Class 2018-2
Jeffrey Grenfell
Matthew Sando
Mark Hall
Tyler Danielson
Tori Gavito
Matthew Prell
Jonathan Hayes
Derek Martinez
Brittany Runyon
Bryant Parker
Austin Barber
Jesse Trudel
Jesse Martin
Reece Hunter

Colleen Cherry
Brian Finneran
Jacob Sanders
Jarred Quintana
Cody Lane
Justin Sorrentino
Avery Abeyta
Harrison Sanchez-Patriquin
Danniell Consonero
Garrett Brown
Travis Carey
Steven Feagler
Jordyn Matthews
William Pope
Taylor Eliassen
Basil Clainos
Glenn Main
Johnny Leon-Alvarez
Manuel Ruz
Juan Silvas
Delana Bybee
Donald David
Brandon Hughes
Hayley Mach
Mario Garcia
Alfonso Carrera
Maria Hernandez Tapia
Benjamin Sonntag
DFD Recruit Class 2019-01
Dalesha Allen
Alexander Balister
Taylor Bradford
Alexander Browne
Jonathan Brumley
Michael Caldwell
Mark Cerf
William Coghill
Shane Deichl

Zach Del Hierro
Jerry Dufresne
Edward Durell
Evan Gender
John Geary  
Emillio Henry
Logan Hillman
Jordan MacLeod
Anna Mattson
Nicholas McMann
Aaron Moriuchi
Craig Mulcare
Cameron Muscha
Grant Pine
David Prustman
Jairo Tiscareno
Andrew Tycksen
Jonathan Willhide
DSD Recruit Class 2019-1
Victor Sandoval-Ramirez
Jason Chavez
Jorge Hidalgo
Matthew Bruno
Breya Jones
Rena Murillo
Daniel Rodriguez
Brianna Cotton
Jared Johnson
Steven Smith
Alfonso De La Torre
Antonio De Santiago
DPD Promotions

Commander Hans Levens
Lieutenant Alfonso Cervera, Jr.
Sergeant Michael Daniels
Sergeant Joseph Vasquez, Jr.
Sergeant Joseph Duncan
Sergeant Jennifer Guigli
Sergeant Christopher Archuleta

DFD Promotions

Captain Jonathan Schauer
Captain Jeremy Raskin
Captain Kathy Johnson
Lieutenant Shaun Rondinelli
Lieutenant Jamie Markham
Lieutenant Matt Kasson
Lieutenant Rob Hedrick
Engineer Kirk Whipple
Engineer Jose Santistevan
Engineer Kiel Mullen
Engineer Ashuan Drumgo
Engineer Phil Cagle
Rocky Mountain Law Enforcement Federal Credit Union Honors DPD Officers 
In May, three Denver Police officers were recognized for their roles in enhancing the quality of life for vulnerable members of the Denver community. Officer Alicia Harris reconnected a homeless man with his out-of-state family who had not heard from him in years and believed he was deceased. Officer Harris used her own resources to not only connect the man to his family, but also to assist him to travel home to live with his sister. Officers Tara Moxon and David Felts developed a plan that helped build positive youth-police relationships and improved youth and staff safety at a facility that serves at-risk children. 
Denver 9-1-1 Receives Pro Patria Award from Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve 
Denver 9-1-1 received the 2019 Pro Patria award from the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR), a Department of Defense program that honors employers who support employees in their military commitment to the U.S. National Guard and Reserve.

The Pro Patria Award is presented annually to one public sector employer in each state who has demonstrated the greatest support to Guard and Reserve employees. This is the highest-level award that may be bestowed by an ESGR State Committee.

Denver 9-1-1 was nominated by Dispatch Support Specialist, Matt Tait , who is also Chief Warrant Officer over unmanned aerial systems for the National Guard. Matt has been with Denver 9-1-1 for five years and is deployed regularly for training as a result of his command position with the Guard, including two trips overseas.

In his nomination form, Matt said that every level of management at Denver 9-1-1 fully supports his National Guard obligations and there is an established culture of appreciation and respect for the Guard and Reserve at 9-1-1.

9-1-1 Manager Jennifer Schwartz said that Matt is an employee who demonstrates exceptional work ethic and dedication to both the department and to his role at the National Guard. She accepted the award on behalf of 9-1-1 at ceremony, held at the U.S. Air Force Academy.
New 9-1-1 Combined Communications Center Opens
Denver’s Department of Public Safety and elected city officials celebrated the grand opening of the new Denver 9-1-1 Combined Communications Center on May 29.

The 9-1-1 Communications Center is located at 12025 E 45th Avenue and houses the trained professionals of 9-1-1 emergency communications call-taking and co-located dispatching functions for Denver Police, Denver Fire and the Denver Health Paramedic Division.

At 43,000 square feet, the new facility has ample employee work space and completely updated technology systems along with training rooms and increased telephone and computer service storage. The previous location could only house 44 call-takers and dispatchers, and the new center currently accommodates 53, with room for growth as call volumes increase.

Last year, Denver 9-1-1 managed more than 1.1 million calls for service and is expected to continue to grow as the city grows.

Congratulations to Director Athena Butler and her team who made the move without any system downtime! 
Denver Fire Station 39 Now Open
Denver Fire celebrated the opening of their newest fires station, Station 39, at the end of May. The new station is located at 9150 E. 50th Avenue and will help meet a need for emergency fire services in the Stapleton area.

It will initially be staffed by one engine company and 12 firefighters and has the capacity to grow to 15 depending on call volume and community growth.

Station 39 was built by the collaborative efforts of Brookfield/Forest City Stapleton, the Park Creek Metropolitan District, Denver Public Schools, the Denver Urban Renewal Authority and the City and County of Denver. Under Stapleton’s tax increment financing (TIF), sales and property taxes that would otherwise go to the City and County of Denver and Denver Public Schools are being used to build Stapleton’s infrastructure. Funds from the TIF covered the construction of the new station. 
GRID Supports Moms Demand Action
GRID staff Paul Callanan , Daloyd Reynolds and Ta’Rell Burton supported Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America at their Safe Summer Kick Off event in June. As you can see, Paul did a fine job behind the grill!
Behavioral Health Support at Your Fingertips
MyStrength's digital behavioral health platform is available whenever and wherever you need it with a consistent, personalized user experience. MyStrength's mobile app promotes frequent engagement and provides diverse tools for depression, anxiety, stress, mindfulness balancing emotions and more. Unwind with audio activities, bookmark helpful resources and gain personalized, integrated support for multiple conditions. Learn more on GuidanceResources . Contact the City and County of Denver Wellness team with any questions.
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