At the Alameda County Family Justice Center (ACFJC), we hear and see our youth and are committed to giving them the space and opportunity to cultivate and create community. ACFJC Camp Hope staff planned programs and activities that foster a positive self-esteem, expand creativity through the arts and help strengthen everyone's sense of belonging. From yoga to tie-dying, from journaling to gardening, we enjoyed having a great time in camp, creating new traditions while also celebrating Camp Hope’s favorites.
Camp Hope 2020 is a hybrid of virtual and onsite activities. We had a maximum of 12 campers on- site in the morning and 12 campers onsite in the afternoon. Simultaneous to the onsite camper activities, the remote virtual campers took place. The groups then rotated mid-day. All campers were dropped off and picked up curbside, so parents did not have to get off their car, only the camper. Prior to exiting the vehicle, an adult guardian answered COVID-19 health related questions as a health measure and both campers and staff were required to wear masks provided by the ACFJC.
Coming together for two weeks at Camp Hope, we gave our youth an environment for summer fun and the tools to support and develop their dreams. In addition, Camp Hope 2020 provided campers an opportunity to build relationships with other children with similar experiences, to provide them with a safe, fun and engaging camping experience so they can just be kids.
Legislation Would Strengthen Unsafe Handgun Act, Making Way for Microstamping Technology and New Safety Features
On July 31 legislation sponsored by District Attorney Nancy O’Malley and authored by Assemblymember David Chiu (D-San Francisco) aiming to reduce gun fatalities by requiring the gun industry to produce handguns with greater safety features passed the Senate Public Safety Committee. Assembly Bill 2847 would strengthen the Unsafe Handgun Act (UHA) and open up the use of microstamping technology in order to solve firearm-related crimes. The bill is cosponsored by the Brady Campaign to End Gun Violence.

“This law will have a direct and lasting effect in the fight to end gun violence. California’s cities and neighborhoods are plagued by shootings and AB 2847 provides a smart and realistic tool to identify firearms and prosecute gun crimes. The unique microstamp on each handgun will allow law enforcement and district attorneys to identify criminals and hold them accountable. It is imperative that we do all we can to stop the seemingly endless horror of gun violence in our state,” says DA O’Malley. “I thank Assemblymember Chiu for authoring this legislation as well as our cosponsors, the Brady Campaign.”

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"Price Gouging"
"Miracle Remedy Scammers"
Scammers Posing as PG&E Targeting Pleasanton Residents
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