The District Attorney’s Office is hosting two Saturday drop-in workshops during the month of February at the Hayward Public Library to assist individuals in filling out and completing petitions for dismissal. The next upcoming workshop will be held on Saturday February 15:

The  NAACP  will be assisting individuals in filling out and completing the petitions, which will then be delivered to the DA’s Office.
Once the District Attorney’s Office reviews the petitions, staff will contact the individuals seeking dismissal, will allow eligible individuals to waive appearance in court, and will submit the petitions to the court for review and dismissal.
“We know that a prior conviction on a person’s record can have a huge impact on his or her ability to move forward in life. The District Attorney’s Office is proud to partner with the NAACP to help pave a path towards a life free from the roadblocks resulting from a criminal history,” says DA O’Malley.
The first workshop for "Lifting Barriers" was held on February 8th for what turned out to be a great day of community as DA and NAACP volunteers helped community members begin the process in moving towards a clean slate. Over 100 individuals were able to get assistance in filing for dismissals.

Alameda County District Attorney Nancy E. O’Malley, in collaboration with Clear Channel Outdoor, unveiled a new campaign to combat human trafficking in all forms. The campaign is called “TAKE THE PLEDGE” which invites and challenges members of the community to declare their support of the efforts to combat human trafficking and exploitation .  “TAKE THE PLEDGE” was presented on Clear Channel billboards and bus shelters which are visible throughout Alameda County. The Campaign aimes to mobilize the public, to heighten community awareness and education and to let people know how they can support the fight against human trafficking.
Members of the community can click on the “TAKE THE PLEDGE” icon on and register their support. They can also learn how they too, can support the efforts of the many activists and abolitionists working to end human trafficking.
*Clear Channel billboard*
*Bus shelter graphic*
DA Nancy O'Malley and Robert Schmitt of Clear Channel Outdoor
In celebration of Black History Month, the District Attorney's Office has released a video series of staff telling the stories of influential figures and their impact on the world. A new video is released each day through the month of February. You can stay updated with each upload on the Alameda County District Attorney YouTube channel .
The 13th Annual "One" Gala took place at in Oakland's Rotunda building in Frank Ogawa Plaza on February 2, 2020.

This evening of elegance and community served as a fundraiser for the Alameda County Family Justice Center and was hosted by DA O'Malley and ACFJC staff. Amongst the attendees were members of local advocacy organizations such as Bay Area Women Against Rape, Voices, Developing Impacted Lives, Building Futures, Men Creating Peace, as well as local law enforcement. Both a silent and live auction were held for various items with proceeds going to benefit the Family Justice Center. DA O'Malley also held special honors for 1st United Credit Union for their years of continued support and a formal send off to Ms. Cheri Allison in her retirement as Executive Director of the FJC.
Alameda County District Attorney Nancy E. O’Malley announced that her office, along with the District Attorney of Santa Clara County, settled a consumer protection action against Walgreen Co. (“Walgreens”). The judgment was filed in Alameda County Superior Court. As alleged in the complaint, the district attorneys brought this action following the discovery that Walgreens had employed an individual by the name of Kim Thien Le as a pharmacist at multiple bay area pharmacy locations for over a decade, even though she was not licensed by the Board of Pharmacy.

“This case serves as a cautionary tale for every health care provider that hires people into positions requiring a professional license,” District Attorney O’Malley says. “The burden is on the company to make sure its employees are properly licensed and to complete a thorough background check. My office will be vigilant in protecting consumers and enforcing licensing laws.”

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On December 19, a jury convicted Tikisha Upshaw of First Degree Murder for the July 13th shooting of Adan Katami.

Adan Katami was shot six times while he sat inside his vehicle, stopped at a red light in Hayward. Alameda County sheriff’s apprehended the alleged shooter within ten minutes of the murder. On the shooter’s phone were text messages indicating that someone had hired him to commit the murder. Over the next few weeks of the investigation, Sheriff’s detectives learned that Katami had a business partner named Tikisha Upshaw. The two were attempting to open a cannabis dispensary in San Francisco, however, they had a rift in their business relationship as the planning commission date neared. Upshaw hired an associate of her family in Memphis, Tennessee to drive out to California and kill Katami. A complex investigation into several phone numbers associated with the shooter’s phone led to the discovery of pre-paid mobile phones which were linked to Upshaw. Upshaw testified in her own defense and claimed to have nothing to do with the murder.

The defendant will be sentenced on February 28, 2020 in Department 707.

This case was prosecuted by Deputy District Attorney Matt Gaidos with the assistance of Inspector Jim Rullamas and Victim-Witness Advocate Nicole Santos.
On January 30, a jury convicted Jennifer Barbero of second degree murder for killing David Nemeroff in an auto collision while driving while under the influence.

On May 26, 2017, victim David Nemeroff had pulled over to the side of the road in Livermore and stepped out of his vehicle. The defendant, driving a Lincoln Navigator, swerved out of her lane and collided with the rear of Mr. Nemeroff’s car. The defendant continued driving forward and struck Mr. Nemeroff. Mr. Nemeroff was thrown up into the air and his driver’s side door was ripped off the hinges. Both Mr. Nemeroff and his driver’s side door were launched down the road. The defendant failed all field sobriety tests and it was later determined that her blood alcohol content was a .13%. In addition, there was evidence of cocaine in her system. Mr. Nemeroff succumbed to blunt force injuries from the collision on May 28 th , 2017. At the time of the collision, the defendant had one prior DUI conviction from Alameda County well as a wet reckless conviction from Contra Costa County. She also had a pending DUI resulting from a solo car collision in Alameda County that had yet to be resolved.

The defendant will be sentenced on March 20,2020 in department 709. 

This case was prosecuted by Deputy District Attorney Brooke Perkins with the assistance of Inspector James Morries and Victim-Witness Advocate Nicole Santos.
On December 19, 2019, a jury convicted defendant Jermaine Bradford of three felony counts of committing sexual acts on a child under the age of 10. Jane Doe was 6 years old when the crimes occurred sometime during the late winter and spring of 2016. The defendant committed these acts while driving Jane Doe to school in his van. The defendant is facing a sentence of up to 45 years to life in prison.

Jermaine Bradford will be sentenced on April 3, 2020 in Department 3

The case was prosecuted by DDA Chris Infante with investigative work by Insp. Kendell Won and Inspector Jason Hawks with the assistance of Victim-Witness Advocate Stephanie Lynch.
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