Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley announced the introduction of sponsored legislation to give victims of revenge porn more time to report these incidents. Senate Bill 23 is authored by Senator Susan Rubio (D- Baldwin Park) and co-sponsored by the California District Attorneys Association.

Senate Bill 23 changes the statute of limitations for the intentional distribution of an intimate image (Penal Code 647) from one year from the time of distribution to one year from the time that the victim discovers that the image has been distributed. Often, victims are not aware that the image has been distributed online until the existing statute of limitations has lapsed, preventing them from seeking criminal charges.

“Image-based sexual abuse is an invasive and increasingly common crime, which involves nonconsensual posting of private or intimate photos or videos,” states DA O’Malley. “These images are posted to social media sites to shame, embarrass, harass, and intimidate the victim. We must ensure that California law can protect victims of this horrible crime. I want to thank Senator Rubio for authoring this important piece of legislation.”

As we await the approval and distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine, scammers are seeking out victims. Any individual who calls, texts, emails, or knocks at your door claiming early access to a vaccine for payment is likely a scammer. Do NOT share any personal information with these individuals. 

Here’s what you need to know to avoid vaccine-related scams:

  • You likely will not need to pay anything out of pocket to get the vaccine during this public health emergency.

  • You can’t pay to put your name on a list to get the vaccine.

  • You can’t pay to get early access to the vaccine.

  • No one from a vaccine distribution site or health care payer, like a private insurance company, will call you asking for your Social Security number or your credit card or bank account information to sign you up to get the vaccine.

  • Beware of providers offering other products, treatments, or medicines to prevent the virus. Check with your health care provider before paying for or receiving any COVID-19-related treatment.
To report an apparent suspected scam or fraudulent claim please email the DA’s Consumer Protection Division at
Alameda County Family Justice Center
(510) 267-8800
470 27th St. Oakland
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