District Attorney’s Groundbreaking Project Receives National Award

The Alameda County Justice Restoration Project Receives National Association of Counties’ Achievement Award

The District Attorney’s Office received NACo’s Achievement Award for its Justice Restoration Project (ACJRP), a unique justice reform project created, funded and implemented by the office in partnership with county and community leaders throughout the country. ACJRP is the realization of DA O'Malley’s vision aimed at reducing recidivism and improving public safety.

ACJRP promises low-level felony defendants the opportunities to build bright futures through peer support services and individualized opportunities in lieu of the cycle of crime, prosecution, and incarceration.  ACJRP offers an alternative to incarceration that provides a real second chance via individualized and group peer support, navigation to vital services, and successful pathways to employment, education, and housing. Additionally, successful completion of the program automatically erases the participant’s felony conviction.

To ensure accountability, ACJRP uses an independent professional evaluator to provide objective statistical evidence of outcomes, which has consistently demonstrated ACJRP’s effectiveness. The results so far show a significant reduction in recidivism. Through ACJRP we are identifying and eliminating specific barriers to success. ACJRP is a model for improved service delivery, as well as better data collection, analysis, and sharing. ACJRP promotes enlightened views of criminal justice outcomes consistent with improved public safety.
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Be aware of scammers trying to lure victims by claiming to be COVID-19 contact tracers.

If you receive a phone call, email or text message from a person claiming to work for a public health department who is conducting contact tracing, be cautious of signs that the request is fraudulent. If the person asks you for payment or for your credit card information to conduct the contact tracing, or for a test kit, do not respond. Public Health will never charge you for contact tracing and will never ask you to pay for a test kit. 
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