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Notes From Renee
During the Debate Debacle a week ago, Trump subjected us to lie upon lie, overtalking, interrupting, disregarding agreed upon rules, including even mask wearing for his attendees. His out-of-control behavior at times alternated between that of a 2-year-old having a tantrum and a snarling alpha alley dog. Whatever that behavior was, it shredded one more fabric of the democratic process. The outcome left all of us feeling, not better informed, but like we had been emotionally abused by a bully for 90 minutes.

Like an autocrat, he has made it quite clear that he has no intention of leaving the WH, should he lose the election. Because unless he wins this election, he considers it “rigged” and therefore not legitimate. He used prime time to undermine trust in the electoral process, with disinformation, going so far as to insist there were Trump ballots thrown in a river (that he can’t name or has no evidence of) and claiming Trump poll watchers were turned away from the polls, when the polls have not even been open.

The evidence of voter suppression is out in the open. Trump's Postmaster General removed 711 mail sorting machines and blue mailboxes. On the state level GOP Governors like Abbot are doing what they can to help Trump, e.g., by removing all but one ballot drop-in box in a highly Democratic area of Texas that is the size of the state of RI. The PA GOP Legislature is seeking to push through an "election integrity panel,” which would operate during the actual election process with subpoena power and the ability to “impound uncounted ballots.” The list of ways in which the GOP & Trump are seeking to undermine this election and thereby create chaos post-election is long, targeted to key communities, and national in scope.

Voter intimidation is another technique they are employing, even on the debate stage. The most egregious and chilling statement, made several times now, was that Trump cannot promise a peaceful transition of power. Add to that his instruction to one of the most militant, violent of white supremacist groups, Proud Boys, to “stand down and stand by.” Many listeners were chilled by thinking he meant, “stand by and await further orders from your Commander in Chief.”

Yes, we were all bullied and emotionally abused. Yet we learned on the playground as kids that to cower before bullies is to invite more abuse. So, WE are NOT going to stand down or stand by. WE ARE STANDING UP! VOTING BACK!

There is something else we learned in school. Authoritarianism+ nationalism+ hate towards groups considered “others” = fascism.  It’s like the virus. Left unprotected you can become infected. It can happen to any country. We will STAND UP! VOTE BACK! for the Constitution and a peaceful transition of power and for the opportunity to “Build Back Better”!

Renee Ramirez Keaney
MDTC Chair

MHD High School Dems Know How to Have Fun
and Stay Politically Active, Too!
A week or two ago, the Marblehead High School Democrats hosted an outdoor movie night to watch Knock Down the House, an inspiring Netflix documentary following the 2018 Congressional campaigns of four progressive candidates, including Representative Alexandria Occasio Cortez.

Channeling the film's empowering message, they continued with their weekly Biden phone banks and grassroots organizing.
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October 17-30 - In-person early voting for the General Election will take place October 17-30. Early voting by mail will begin as soon as ballots are ready. Early voting schedules and locations for MA will be posted here no later than October 9.

October 24 - Deadline to register to vote. Choose from three ways to register. You can register online, You can register by mail by printing a voter registration form, filling it out, and mailing it to your local election office. You can also register in person at any local election office, at the Elections Division 
of the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s office, and at certain public assistance agencies. Registration forms completed in-person are valid the day they are signed.

November 3 - Election Day. If you vote in person, check on your polling place. It may have changed. If you vote by mail, this is also the deadline for your mail-in ballot to be postmarked.

November 6 - Deadline for your mail-in ballot to be received.


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Scenes from the 9/19/2020 Candlelight Vigil for RBG at Redd's Pond in Marblehead
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October 17–November 1
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