Distraction Digest
April 6 - April 10
Week 3... how's everybody holding up? We've got good news for you, this might be one of our busiest Distraction Digests yet. We've compiled a little something for everyone as we continue to keep a safe distance from each other. Follow along on Instagram and Facebook, as well as our website for new content each day. Missed anything? All content will remain on their platforms indefinitely so you can always go back and revisit activities, videos, and "how-to's" from weeks past.

For those new to our Digest, welcome! Each Monday for the duration of our closure, we'll share a taste of the digital programming to come. We have laid out an ambitious schedule for ourselves that combines all of the elements that you love about our existing social media channels and in-person programs with some extras that we hope will add a positive distraction in this time of uncertainty.

The youth activities may compliment students' curriculum and meet Georgia Standards of Excellence for elementary grade levels. But we think that learners of all ages will enjoy them as well!

Expect to see videos of items from our collection as well as our historic buildings.

All of these digital experiences are offered free of charge and help us forward our mission to enrich the community through the exploration and discovery of its history, people, and stories. If you like what you're seeing, wonderful! Please consider making a small contribution to the History Center to support our ongoing operations during this closure. If that's not possible, that's OK too. We'll continue providing these positive distractions for the duration.

Have a good week, everyone and be well,

Anne, Ephraim, Amelia, & Tyler
Thomasville History Center Staff
Monday, April 6

Collection's Spotlight: The Photography of A.W. Moller (Instagram)
Tuesday, April 7
#FromtheArchives Lecture Premiere @ Noon
Facebook & YouTube
Presented in December 2011 by Dr. Jennifer Koslow, Florida State University
Have you heard about Thomasville's Bear Hunt?
Intrepid hunters may spot bears at the History Center and Lapham-Patterson House if you look close enough... Our bears join dozens of others across the community displayed in windows, on porches, and in front yards.
Look for them on your next outdoor adventure!
Wednesday, April 8

Collections Spotlight: Education Collection Architecture Pattern Books (Instagram)
Thursday, April 9
#FromtheArchives Lecture Premiere @ Noon
Video Premiere, Facebook & YouTube
Recorded in 2007, presented by Sid Matthew

We've developed 2 versions for different skill levels. Version 1 relies on simple craft materials found around the house and is appropriate for all ages and skill levels. Version 2 is the hot air balloon assembly we do at Camp LPH with rising 3rd through rising 6th graders. Campers on the lower end of this age range generally need a good bit of adult supervision and assistance.

We'd suggest taking a look at the activity pack to get a sense of the necessary materials and which project is appropriate for your student's age and abilities. Once you've reviewed the written instructions and supply lists, tune in for the instructional video for Version 2, the hot air balloons that can actually fly, on Friday for more information and to see how it's done!
Friday, April 10
"How To" Hot Air Balloons, Version 2, Instructional Video (Instagram)

Collections Spotlight: 1892 Metcalfe Courthouse (Instagram)
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